Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along: Adding the Third Melon

You ask and I answered.  There is now a tab at the top of the home page for the Double Wedding Ring quilt instructions.

Last week when we left off we were here.

Now the instructions are going to tell you to do things a little bit different.  They want you to make the whole row and then go back and add the third ring.  I don’t like doing it that way as then there is a lot of bulk to deal with when manipulating the pieces.  Adding the third ring before the rows are sewn together make much more sense to me but do it however you want.

So if you’re following along in the instructions, I am deviating at steps 5 & 6.

Here’s a visual of what we’re doing.  The third melon on the right needs to get attached.

To do this, lay the melon over the top melon with right sides together.

Manipulate the first seam like we have been in the past so that no fabric is caught in the seam.

Pin the sew from the edge to the pin- no further.  I back stitch at the pin.

Now, if you don’t already have the center marked, now is the time to do it.  The pin the photo it my middle.

Now the melon flips over into place and the pinning starts.  Just like before, pin the center first.

Then manipulate the end seam as we have done in the past making sure no fabric would be caught in the seam.

Move to the opposite end.  Pull back the seams and adjust making sure the is an overlap of the 1/4′ seam allowance.

Finish pinning like this….Note in the photo that you can see that 1/4″ seam allowance hanging past the pin.  Remember, when stitching, start AT THE PIN, not the edge of the fabric.  Do that at BOTH ENDS.

Sew like we have in the past.  Again, start 1/4″ in.  I back stitch.

Sew along.  I am sewing super slow when I do this so I don’t worry about sewing over pins.

At the end I back stitch and then remove the piece.  Remove the pins and check how it looks.  Not bad.

To this point, I still haven’t ironed yet.  For some of you, I’m sure this is killing you.  Trust me, it will all be okay.  I counted and I think we need 19 of these.  So take 19 from your pile of 100 and follow the steps above.  Next week…we start rows!!

You can find me back here next week. If you’re following the steps, you’re almost caught up with me. I need to get sewing!!

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  1. It looks doable, I’m thinking of making one. Also, I saw the quilt Points of Interest, and would like to make it, but can’t find where to get the pattern. Thanks, enjoy your blog.

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