Lucy’s Quilt: Blog Reader Edition

I love blog reader mail.  Most of the time, I always end up with a smile.  This email was no exception.  It came from Dee Y.

She wrote:
I enjoy your blog. Never a day that I don’t read it.

I attach a picture of the quilt I made my granddaughter. Your “Lucy” quilt was my inspiration. I am also going to attempt the quilt along. Picture of the background fabric attached. I am taking your advice and try 9 to see how it goes before making more.

Check out Dee’s quilt for her grand daughter….LOVE IT!!  I had so much fun making Lucy’s.  I like the “Ella” letters…colors are fabulous too!

Dee wrote:  “Just want to let you know I did not do the longarm on it. Ginger Ouwenga did her magic on that.”

Here’s Dee’s background fabric for the double wedding ring.  That looks fun too.

I hope others of you are considering the quilt along and only doing 9 blocks to see it this quilt is for you.  I’ve gotten comments from others that they can’t believe it isn’t harder.  It so true.  It’s not hard…time consuming YES.  Lots of pinning YES!  If you’ve ever sewn clothing sewing a double wedding ring is not hard at all.

I so appreciate notes from readers.  A couple weeks ago Sherry W sent me a note telling what her family is up to.  I love those notes.  From this side of the computer, it’s hard for me to feel connected to all of you.  Notes like Dee’s and Sherry’s are great.  Send one anytime.  I can be slow to answer but it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the notes.

4 thoughts on “Lucy’s Quilt: Blog Reader Edition”

  1. Jo, are the double wedding ring posts “gathered” in one spot somewhere on your blog? I have been trying to remember to “save” each post about it, but I’m a ditz at doing it. I would love if they were all under one heading. Thank you.

  2. Jo,
    I made the cobbler recipe you shared earlier this summer. You made it with peaches but I used blueberries and halved the recipe since it is just the two of us. It was Fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing it, it is a keeper!

  3. Thanks for sharing your canning series. We too are in the thick of the season and just tonight finished 70 quarts of sweet corn-now in the freezer.My son in law is quick at cutting the corn off the cob while I finished the blanching and a daughter helped putting it in freezer bags.

    Lots of tomatoes and pickles and beans still left to do in the coming weeks. Lots of organic eating this winter!

    I would love to try the wedding ring block but haven’t squeezed it in yet. You make it look so easy but I think the melon piece will be challenging. Thanks for the tutorial-you are so encouraging.

  4. Dee’s quilt for Ella is just darling and I think both of the granddaughters are very lucky. I hope to give the wedding ring quilt a go but not till this fall and I think I need a interesting background fabric for it like Dee is using.

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