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Remember the Featherweight Singer 221 sewing machines I found and then sold at our garage sale at the retreat?  Well I got emails from blog readers wishing I could sell a machine to them.  Well I only have three machine and I think I could have sold ten!

That got me thinking to do an “in search of” ad on the for sale groups.  I did and got this one….

Yep.  She’s a Centennial.

She’s in really good shape with a good case.  I’ve started contacting people on my list who were interested in a machine so she can find a good home with someone who will love her.

Someone asked why I’m not keeping her…well one is enough for me except if I find a white one.

The best thing of all is that the machine was close to me…only about five miles away….and better yet, the lady collected machines!!!!!!!!!!  AH.  I was in so happy…and I only saw a small bit of her collection-but oh my.

Check this out….She took an un-repairable sewing machine, cut it in half and made it into book ends.  I love it!  Hubby had rode along with me to pick up the machine so I had him come in the house so he could see it and make one for me.

She had so many machines…I could just look and look….I only saw a very small bit of her collection too.

Check out this pretty Singer.

She went on to show me her working machines…She had an industrial treadle that she still uses.  She does a lot of custom repair on boat covers and heavy things like that so uses the machine regularly.

She said she has two APQS machines and is looking to sell her oldest one.  It’s an older model but still works like a charm…no bells or whistles but definitely affordable.  Let me know if you’re interested.  I can get you in contact with her.

As I was leaving she asked if I knew of anyone who could use a machine…well I know I have a great niece or two that could use one.  She gave me the machine.  What a sweetheart.  I would love to go to her house again at some point and really see her collection.  It so fun talking with someone who had the same passion.

As we were driving home I was talking to Hubby.  He said, “You know..I don’t know a thing about sewing machines but it sure is fun to talk to someone who is passionate about what they do.”  I agree.  It is wonderful to talk to anyone passionate about what they do and she sure was!!

8 thoughts on “Meet the Collector”

  1. I have a black one that I use. I also have a tan one that I have not used. The tan are supposed to be valuable because so few were made. But, I am thinking of have it custom painted. Unless someone wants to buy it.

  2. Jo go to the Arrow cabinets web site. they have a free give away for a featherweight with a new table and a new chair.

  3. Lou Ann Milkslouanns

    I have a featherweight but I don’t use it much. But I love it and I love the smell!! Reminds me of my grandma

  4. So many of my friends sew on featherweight machines and they are quite passionate about them. I never used one so I have not caught the bug yet…lol

  5. SusanfromKentucky

    You said you have a great niece or two that might want the gifted machine, but what happened to Little Neighbor Girl? I don’t see you talking as much about her. Does she not come around anymore?

    Also, could someone please tell me what everyone wants the Featherweights for? Are they better than a regular machine?

  6. The 221 will sew a perfectly straight line without you holding on to the fabric. They are a simple machine that you can clean, oil, and adjust all by yourself just following the directions in the book. They have a variety of attachments if you sew clothes. Weigh only 11 pounds so easy to transport.

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