Stash Report

Of course I hit the thrift store again.  I’m addicted now.  I know it seems like I got a lot of fabric BUT, there will be days I go when there is none.  At the thrift stores it’s a “grab it while you can” as it likely won’t be there later on.

This was today’s haul.  I think it was $11.50 total.

These two were 50 cent each.  Anything not tagged is 50 cents.  The print was 3/4 of a yard and the black just under 2 yards.

I’m so happy about this find.  There is over 5 1/2 yards.  It’s a nice print too!BACKING FABRIC!!

Once scrap bag was this….The two on the left are going to charity.  They aren’t 100% cotton.  The two on the right…straight to my stash.  Each was 3/4 yard.

This scrap bag…kind of a bust.  The fabric to the left..good…to the right, I’m passing on.  It’s stiff and not user friendly.  Hi-ho Hi-ho to charity it will go!!

The blue bundle…all was good.  YAHOO!!  I’ve got something in mind for a blue quilt…we’ll see if it actually happens.

Right now, until I have the Double Wedding Ring done and my string challenge things finished, I’m just dreaming about other projects.  In the meantime, it’s okay to collect fabric…right??

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