Quilt Book Review: Wedge Quilt Workshop

I was on a rabbit trail on the internet the other and came across this quilt from Confessions of a Scrap Addict. (photo from Sarah’s blog-thanks Sarah)  Wow…I loved it.  Find the full blog post about her quilt here.

I really loved that quilt.  Happily she mentioned the book that the quilt pattern was from….  Wedge Quilt Workshop.  Well I was off and running on yet another rabbit trail.  I had to know more about the book.  Then I noticed it was by an author I already liked, Christina Cameli.

Well I wanted to know if there were more quilts from the book that I liked….Well all I could find was pictures of the front and back cover on Amazon….

There wasn’t much on the C&T Publishing website.  They never show very many projects that are in a book and that’s frustrating to me.  I couldn’t get that quilt out of head.  I loved Sarah’s version of the quilt.  AH…but I hate spending money on books especially if there might be only one quilt in the book that I like.  UGH, ugh, ugh.

I waited a week.  Man that quilt was still in my head.  I looked around again trying to find other quilts that were in the book.

I waited another week.  I STILL liked that quilt.  Then I started to reason with myself.  I’ve been wanting to expand my horizons on the quilting front so maybe this would/could be my avenue.  So after a month of wanting the book, I ordered it.

UGH.  I was so disappointed when I saw the original pattern of the quilt that inspired me to buy it.  The white background is ho-hum compared to the blue.  Darn.  Maybe I shouldn’t have bought the book.

Then I decided to start at the beginning and really check out the book.

The instructions looked good.  I appreciated that they gave options for buying a ruler or not.  That was nice.

This was interesting although I’d likely never make it…but wait, that would be a great baby mat.  A baby mat would be perfect to be in a circle.  Hmmm.

This was okay….I liked the block but the layout wasn’t my favorite.  I like a little modern…but I’m not a negative space fan.

I liked this….These colors weren’t my thing but I kind of liked the design.  Hmm….what colors are more me?

This was interesting too…Not sure I loved it…but when Kalissa saw it, she sure did.  In fact she asked me it this was a beginner quilt….my response was, it depends on where you want to begin!!  HAHAHAHA!

One thing I loved about the book was that the machine quilting was AMAZING!  Check out all the fun designs in the wedges!

Best yet the book had drawn out suggestions for the quilting.  I really loved that!!

I liked this quilt.  I could see me making this one.

This quilt I adored!  WOW I loved it.  The fun thing about this quilt is that there is no real pattern.  There are illustrated “how to” pictures and I love that.  I like to know more about techniques and ideas to improvise rather than a pattern.  I think this allows me a “do my own thing”…I love that!

So my review started out a little ho-hum.  It ends with me in love and feeling inspired!!  I do like the book.  It’s a little out of my typical box but that’s okay sometimes.  I did show the book to Kalissa and these are all quilts that she likes.  YAHOO!!  Maybe she’ll quilt one day.  She’s only 23.  There is still plenty of time!

Amazon has the book Wedge Quilt Workshop here….I can’t thank Sarah enough for blogging about the quilt.  Although I discovered I’d have to applique the wedges down to make the quilt that inspired me, I still just might make it.  I don’t know what it was about the quilt that made me like it so much but I sure do!

I know someone is going to ask so here’s the link for the 10 degree and the 9 degree rulers that you might want for the quilts.

P.S.  I do have an extra copy and it’s been awhile since I did a give away.  Interested?  Just leave a comment telling if you have ever made a wedge quilt-comments MUST be left here on this blog post.  That’s all you need to do to enter.  I’ll pick a winner next week…either when I remember or someone reminds me.  Yes, I’m having that kind of a weekend!!

112 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Wedge Quilt Workshop”

  1. No, I have never made a wedge quilt. I have a ruler that I bought a really long time ago. (I think it was after a demo at a guild meeting.) But I have never used it. I think I need a book of patterns to inspire me. :-)

  2. Just a Dresden plate and a Baby Bunting, not that I think either one are wedges :), but at least I am not afraid of the bias! hahaha I am with you. sometimes I need to be pushed to try something new, which is why I loved workshops held by my guild. Not a guild member anymore so having to push myself!

  3. I have a 15 degree wedge with a pattern but haven’t gotten around to using it. I would like the 10 degree ruler to make something else I saw and loved.

  4. I have the 15 degree ruler and a pattern to go with it but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. I’ve seen a pattern that uses the 10 degree ruler that I’d like to make also. Thanks for the chance.

  5. FYI – when I want to see the inside of a book, I go to Connecting Threads and their book section. They usually, if they carry the book, have photos of all the projects in the book.

  6. I have never made a wedge quilt but I LOVE this quilt and I may have to order the wedge ruler and try this! Thank you so much for all your hard work on the blog with keeping us informed of so much!! I read your blog every day!

  7. I’ve made a Dresden Plate quilt and a Grandma’s Fan quilt. I love the blue background on the first one. I also love the diamond shaped fan design in the book. I could see myself trying out that one for sure.

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