Quilt Book Review: Wedge Quilt Workshop

I was on a rabbit trail on the internet the other and came across this quilt from Confessions of a Scrap Addict. (photo from Sarah’s blog-thanks Sarah)  Wow…I loved it.  Find the full blog post about her quilt here.

I really loved that quilt.  Happily she mentioned the book that the quilt pattern was from….  Wedge Quilt Workshop.  Well I was off and running on yet another rabbit trail.  I had to know more about the book.  Then I noticed it was by an author I already liked, Christina Cameli.

Well I wanted to know if there were more quilts from the book that I liked….Well all I could find was pictures of the front and back cover on Amazon….

There wasn’t much on the C&T Publishing website.  They never show very many projects that are in a book and that’s frustrating to me.  I couldn’t get that quilt out of head.  I loved Sarah’s version of the quilt.  AH…but I hate spending money on books especially if there might be only one quilt in the book that I like.  UGH, ugh, ugh.

I waited a week.  Man that quilt was still in my head.  I looked around again trying to find other quilts that were in the book.

I waited another week.  I STILL liked that quilt.  Then I started to reason with myself.  I’ve been wanting to expand my horizons on the quilting front so maybe this would/could be my avenue.  So after a month of wanting the book, I ordered it.

UGH.  I was so disappointed when I saw the original pattern of the quilt that inspired me to buy it.  The white background is ho-hum compared to the blue.  Darn.  Maybe I shouldn’t have bought the book.

Then I decided to start at the beginning and really check out the book.

The instructions looked good.  I appreciated that they gave options for buying a ruler or not.  That was nice.

This was interesting although I’d likely never make it…but wait, that would be a great baby mat.  A baby mat would be perfect to be in a circle.  Hmmm.

This was okay….I liked the block but the layout wasn’t my favorite.  I like a little modern…but I’m not a negative space fan.

I liked this….These colors weren’t my thing but I kind of liked the design.  Hmm….what colors are more me?

This was interesting too…Not sure I loved it…but when Kalissa saw it, she sure did.  In fact she asked me it this was a beginner quilt….my response was, it depends on where you want to begin!!  HAHAHAHA!

One thing I loved about the book was that the machine quilting was AMAZING!  Check out all the fun designs in the wedges!

Best yet the book had drawn out suggestions for the quilting.  I really loved that!!

I liked this quilt.  I could see me making this one.

This quilt I adored!  WOW I loved it.  The fun thing about this quilt is that there is no real pattern.  There are illustrated “how to” pictures and I love that.  I like to know more about techniques and ideas to improvise rather than a pattern.  I think this allows me a “do my own thing”…I love that!

So my review started out a little ho-hum.  It ends with me in love and feeling inspired!!  I do like the book.  It’s a little out of my typical box but that’s okay sometimes.  I did show the book to Kalissa and these are all quilts that she likes.  YAHOO!!  Maybe she’ll quilt one day.  She’s only 23.  There is still plenty of time!

Amazon has the book Wedge Quilt Workshop here….I can’t thank Sarah enough for blogging about the quilt.  Although I discovered I’d have to applique the wedges down to make the quilt that inspired me, I still just might make it.  I don’t know what it was about the quilt that made me like it so much but I sure do!

I know someone is going to ask so here’s the link for the 10 degree and the 9 degree rulers that you might want for the quilts.

P.S.  I do have an extra copy and it’s been awhile since I did a give away.  Interested?  Just leave a comment telling if you have ever made a wedge quilt-comments MUST be left here on this blog post.  That’s all you need to do to enter.  I’ll pick a winner next week…either when I remember or someone reminds me.  Yes, I’m having that kind of a weekend!!

112 thoughts on “Quilt Book Review: Wedge Quilt Workshop”

  1. If a pillow cover counts- yes. But I’d love to make a couple of the quilts you featured today, and already have the wedge rulers, so thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  2. I have done 1 block of wedge quilting in a sampler. I think I would like to try it in a quilt when I get done with my current ( lots of UFOs) projects since I do have some solids I need to use up.

  3. I have made a dresden plate and an “s” table runner that used a BIG (long) wedge ruler. Both were fun and i would like to to do more.

  4. I haven’t made a wedge quilt although I have lots of wedge rulers. It’s certainly on my bucket list and maybe this book is just what I need!

  5. Martha Whitaker

    I’ve never made a wedge quilt but I agree with you – the blue background makes the quilt. I’m the oldest of six sisters who get together to sew, This book would be great inspiration for us!

  6. I have never done a wedge quilt but this book might just be the one to push me into it! I saw Sarah’s quilt and really liked it, especially with the blue background and the way she has shaded it.

  7. Stitchin in Mich

    Have not done a wedge quilt, but do have a wedge ruler since I am planning a dresden plate quilt…..have the fabric, too.

  8. I really like that quilt you like too. I have done a wedge round table topper that is about 18″ round. It’s done in Halloween fabrics. Fun. I saw that book and wondered how I would like it. I think I would like to try some of those projects. Thanks for the review.

  9. Carol A. LaPorte

    I did a Dresden Plate quilt way back in high school–does that count as a wedge quilt? I agree with you–the blue background makes the quilt POP. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this book, Jo. Right now I’m sewing string blocks for Bonnie Hunter’s Pfefferneuse quilt and I’m sewing them on a Singer 99k!

  10. I have done one, a Christmas Tree Skirt many years ago. It actually made two at a time. I would love this book!

  11. I have made a couple of Dresden quilts and some Dresden borders. I was looking for this book at retreat. I’ve been wanting it since it came out. I may just have to bite the bullet and order it if I don’t win! Thanks for the chance to win.

  12. I have made a table runner with a wedge ruler but not a quilt. Several patterns in the book looked interesting. Thanks for all that you share with others, Jo!

  13. I have not done a wedge quilt. Yet. I have taken a Craftsy class on domestic machine quilting from Christina Cameli; she has several.

  14. I have never done a wedge quilt. This book looks really fun with some great ideas to expand the quilting horizons! Thanks for sharing the review and your extra copy!

  15. I haven’t made a wedge quilt, but I have the 9 degree ruler, so I’ll be all set if I win.
    Thank you, Jo… love your blog.

  16. I have the ruler for a different quilt but like some of the patterns in this book so I just need the book and I’m set

  17. My last finish was a wedge quilt. It was the technique where you make the full circle, then cut it so that it is a square block. Like you, I think there is a lot of inspiration in this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Never done a wedge quilt, I’m sure I have a wedge template buried some where in my sewing room. It’s on my bucket list.

  19. I seem to recall taking a class using a wedge ruler. No idea where the ruler or class samples are now. Several quilts in the book look very interesting.

  20. That book looks way out of my box, but if I won it I’d make that wedge quilt in blue as it’s become my favorite go to color now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. I have never done a wedge quilt like these. I have done a dresden plate type and a Phillips Fiberart pattern. I agree that the pattern looks better on the blue than the white background.

  22. I love Sarah’s quilt, too, Jo! And the patterns in this book are great!!
    I have never made a wedge quilt, unless, like someone else commented, a Dresden quilt counts…. I do have a couple of wedge rulers, though neither has ever been used!! One of the local quilt shops had a big ruler sale a while back, and I bought several…the price was too good to pass up!
    Thanks for the great giveaway….

  23. Ooooh, I’m loving that quilt too. But the blue or a gray or black background for sure! I’m working on a crazy quilt using 30 degree wedges with lots of appliqué. I loved making the wedges and would love to try this one! Kind of reminds me of clamshells

  24. I have a couple wedge rulers, but I have never used them. The quilts you showed from the book are fabulous and could certainly tempt me to try making a quilt with wedges. Thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win.

  25. Hi Jo! The wedge quilt is intriguing! Must try one. The book is modern but the quilts would go with any decor!!! Love your blog.

  26. I have never made a while wedge quilt. Done some sampler blocks and been intrigued plenty by the whole concept/technique. This could be what it takes to get me going on one! I enjoy your blog so much!

  27. Have never done a wedge quilt but seems to be really popular these days. I like the ones I see that are in a circle and the outer wider end has a roof and is like a house. Those are pretty cool!

  28. I have made one wedge quilt using the giant 9 degree wedge ruler. I was inspired by a quilt I liked in a blog post. I plan to do more.
    Hope you do take some ideas from the patterns and make them your own. I loved your improvized baby quilts from the past year.

  29. I have never made a wedge quilt, but love the pics you posted from the book. I am always up for trying something new! Good luck to all who have commented! (Thanks Jo)

  30. I like the Half and Half Quilt with the denim background too. I have a wedge ruler, but I haven’t gotten around to using it on a project.

  31. Hhmm. I’ve done a dresden plate and tumbler…I suppose they would be wedges lol. Thank you for the chance to win!

  32. I am always challenging myself with the quilts. I tried a makeshift version of Dresden fans to use up some scraps. Having a pattern to follow would be fun.

  33. I was truly captivated by your candid review of the book and after seeing some of the photos of quilts, I’d sure love to win your give away. I’ve yet to make a wedge quilt and this would be a great starting point!

  34. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I have never made a wedge quilt…but I do have a wedge ruler!! I fell in love with some wedge quilt a few years ago (can’t remember what it looked like), so I bought the wedge ruler so I would be able to make a wedge quilt! I must have thought I was going to pull the design out of my head!

  35. I haven’t yet even taken the plunge into sewing curves but I sure do like the looks of that wedge quilt! Don’t shudder, but I’d probably make one with red! :D

  36. I make lots of Dresden quilts….a variation on wedges :). I was also following along on Sarah’s progress with that quilt! She sure did a great job with her fabric and color scheme! I have been considering making a version of that quilt as well. Thanks for sharing more of the quilts included in the book!

  37. No, no wedgie quilt made by me. But someone just passed on the pieces of a quilt made with wedges…that part is finished, but those wedges need to be attached to something!

  38. Hhmm, I’ve done a Dresden, only it was actually making a sunflower applique rather than a real Dresden plate. Do Tri Rec units count as wedges? I love the circle quilts you shared. They can be so bright if you can use a different color on each wedge.

  39. I have used a Dresden wedge ruler in the past. I too love the quilt with the blue background. The white looks so blah.

  40. I’ve never made a wedge quilt, but several of those designs in the book caught my fancy! I even love the busy, busy cover!

  41. Jo the quilt looks like a half circle version of your double wedding ring quilt. I wonder if that is why you were drawn to it. I haven’t been quilting for a long time and have never made a wedge quilt before.
    I have tried a mystery quilt along and chose colors out of my comfort zone. That was a great experience, and looking at all of your string quilts has me thinking that I would like to try one for myself. Thanks for sharing all that you are doing.

  42. Yes, I would make the quilt that inspired you. I love how the ombre fabric was used for the background and think I have that same fabric in my stash! Have a great weekend.

  43. I have made the Dresden plate quilt, but the modern pattern in this book look fun too! My fave is the same one you want to make.

  44. I own the wedge ruler but I have not made anything with it but this book looks interesting and lots of modern color ways.

  45. I’ve never made a wedge quilt, but I love Christina Cameli’s work! I own her quilting design books but not this one.

  46. I’ve never made a wedge quilt but it looks like some great inspiration in this book. Thanks for the chance to win. From one Iowa girl to another, I really enjoy your blog.

  47. Oooooh! Love to win the book! ;) I worked on a wedge quilt – redoing a grandmothers fan someone had started years before :)

  48. Enjoyed your review of the Wedge Quilt Workshop book. I’ve made one project with a wedge ruler and enjoyed the process. Would love to try the quilt that caught your attention someday too! Thank you for a chance to win a copy of this book.

    PS: I always check the ConnectingThreads.com website when I’m looking to see more pictures from inside a book. Most of the time I find the book on their website and can see more of the projects in it.

  49. I have a wedge ruler that I inherited from my mom, but I’ve never used it. Seems like it’s about time. The quilt that started your search looks much better with the darker background, at least to me. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  50. I love the blue on the quilt! I have only done a Dresden in a table runner but would love to try a wedge! I love your blog and I don’t mind the ads!

  51. Elaine Stenbraaten

    That book looks interesting…..No I haven’t made a wedge quilt before…I still have left over dresden quilt blocks my Mom cut out wth a template 70 years ago or so! There are some neat quilts in the book that do inspire me!

  52. I have a Dresden plate started. No wedge quilts though. I am in love with the quilt that first caught your eye.

    Jo Anna

  53. I have two wedge quilt tops that I made for my granddaughters. Both are still waiting to be quilted. I love the idea of the round mat for babies. It may just be my next project for the new grandbaby we are expecting in November!

  54. I have not made a wedge quilt, but I must say I too fell in love with that quilt from Confessions of a Quilt Addict!! I’d love to win this book.

  55. Like you, I like to see what is in a book before I buy it, so I am glad you showed the pictures. Loved almost all of them. I have made a couple of wedge blocks, but not a whole quilt yet.

  56. Never made a wedge quilt. Intimidated by the wedding ring, although your instructions are great. I do like the blue background instead of the white on the wedge quilt.

  57. I have not done a wedge quilt, but a very modern Dresden pattern is one of the things that got me to really start looking at quilting on the web. Thanks for reviewing this (and the drawing), it looks like a fun book.

  58. I’ve played with my wedge ruler for smaller projects, but I’m going to put this book and 10 degree ruler on my “wish list” to make the quilt Kayla liked.

  59. Ii made a wedge quilt when I first moved to NC in the 70’s. It was in Amish colors and the wedges made a serpentine border around a centered fan block. I added black lace to the edge of the fan and called it Amish Ole’. I was a beginner at machine quilting and got dinged on my monofilament quilting as ‘needs more practice. That’s back when mono was like fishing line, but the criticism was right on. Thanks for the memory and the giveaway.

  60. I am working on one now with 10 degree wedges. I’ve made a few tree skirts with 9 degree wedges. Looks like a great book with new inspiration.

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