Raining Hedgehogs-I know…Strange Title.

I told you that Kalissa was a vendor at the Rust and Dust Market in Dunkerton, Iowa.  But I didn’t tell you about the booth that was next her’s.  It was so tempting.  Tempting enough that I bought something….I’ve been trying really hard to not a bunch of stuff so my buying something is a real compliment!

They are a husband/wife team that were so fun to visit with.  They call Carlisle, Iowa their home.  They do shows like this along with having a Facebook presence and an Etsy shop.

I started out determined not to look at their goodies.  I’m not a big jewelry girl and don’t really have much at all.  I like things to be meaningful and long lasting so the jewelry that I do have consists of things the kids gave or a mother’s necklace…those types of things.

Then I as I was sitting their watching Kalissa’s booth I heard them talk to their customers about how they make the jewelry…well homemade jewelry, that was more interesting.  Then I heard them say an elephant pendant from an old fork…yep, I’m interested now.

It was getting towards the end of the day and business had slowed so I went over and started looking.  I was determined not to buy anything….there’s that elephant.  So cute.

Then I started looking at more of the jewelry.  This heart was made from silverware too!!  I love that she mixed the copper with the silver.  I can have less jewelry if I’m not trying to match colors.

They were eclectic and fun.  I found out that the husband does the bending, cutting and shaping of the reclaimed items like the silverware then the wife gets them and does her magic to make them into something wonderful.

Things are often themed…this one for the gardener in your life…

I loved this one…the top was a piece of silverware!!

I honestly could have looked for a long time.

I was so tempted to get this for Kelli…Dog themed.  She’s a dog NUT!

BUT…my rack searching quit when I saw these…..Thimble necklaces!!  They were $20 each.  Oh my…I loved them.

They had LOTS to choose from.  They had some thimbles that were colored…some that were silver…oh my.  It was so hard to choose.

I told them that I was a quilter.  They said, “You might need one then”…they were right.  I caved and bought one.

They were telling me that they had a lady come and buy them for her quilting group.  I thought that was an awesome idea.

I was just over and checked out their Etsy shop.  Here’s a cute on with a bible verse on the thimble and then a penny with a cross cut out of it.

…A Farm Service thimble with a chicken, pig and horse….CUTE!!  I love the themed ones.

Here’s yet another themed one….Coca-Cola.  How cute!!

I thought they all were so cute.  I could have looked at each and every one.  I ended up just picking one before I ended up with several.  I loved them all.

The couple was SUPER friendly.  If you’re interested in a necklace I highly suggest contacting them via Facebook.  Tell them that the “blogging mom who took pictures” sent you.  I’m betting that if you had a special thimble that was your mother’s or pieces that you would like put together that she would do that for you.  They were so friendly and had great customer service.

5 thoughts on “Raining Hedgehogs-I know…Strange Title.”

  1. What charming items, I will be in Osage for Autumn Artistry and I hope they are vending. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Hi Jo — I fell in love with the necklace with the bible verse thimble and they still had it, so I bought it. My most favorite things — the Lord and sewing. Thank you for sharing this. I love your blog!!!

  3. I don’t have or wear much jewelry either, but i was thinking that (with a shorter chain of course!) the thimble ones would make wonderful keychains!

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