Little House on the Farm

Remember the Vintage Market Kalissa went to not to long ago?  If you missed that find it here.…well anyway on site they had a place that they rent out in a Bed and Breakfast style.  Kelli and Kayla had talked to the owners before I got there and they explained that the place was made using the lumber from an old barn.  It was repurpose/recycle project which makes me love it all the more.  Here is Kayla standing out front.

Everything is pretty primitive but I love it.  Here’s the table and bench outside….

There’s even this swing set right outside.

The back side of the “house” has a silo…(remember this for later reference)

The downstairs is all open.  Here is the kitchen area.

I LOVE the counter tops….I know they wouldn’t be for everyone but I really like them.  You know me and my love of all things wood.

The pans hang above the stove.

I love the thought that was put into it all…right down to a towel holder in the kitchen.

Hiding behind here…the electrical box.

Fun lights and coat hooks here.

For a cabin and all the dark wood it’s well lighted.

This table was opposite the kitchen.  Can you believe seating for EIGHT?

The kitchen/dining is one half of the house…the other the living room and book nook.  Isn’t it awesome??

Hiding is this cabinet…a book library.

Near that…another table for four with tractor seat stools….so cute.

Remember that “silo” at the back of the house???  It holds a spiral staircase!  See???

Upstairs was plank flooring…not the Menard’s version….Plank flooring of the good old board kind.

From upstairs you can see below.

The decor was perfect…check out the curtains…old quilt pieces.

There is one bed on the loft over the living room…and two on the opposite side.

The house was so cute…I loved it.

Not long ago Kelli did a blog post about “tiny houses”.  So many of you chimed in and said whether you could or couldn’t live in a tiny house.  Honestly, I think this would be about as tiny as I could go.  I think I would need a basement in this too.  There was none.  I’d need more storage as there wasn’t a lot.  In order to make this my home I also think I’d skip the loft and make an entire upstairs.  That would be enough room then for a master bedroom, a guest bedroom and a quilting room.  I’d have to give up the longarm…but then again, that could always go in the basement.  I do know one thing for sure though….I wouldn’t be doing any childcare here!!  Oh…dreaming.  I love my house…but if we ever had to down size…I could do this for sure!!

P.S.  There was a bathroom…sink, shower and kind of a tub.  That’s all I’d need.

So does little house appeal to you?  As I said it is available to rent.  It’s in the country in rural Decorah, Iowa.  You can learn more about the place and the other house the couple rents out here on their website.

8 thoughts on “Little House on the Farm”

  1. Something to think about downsizing into a smaller house, Steps! Make sure any house you downsize to has the master bedroom on the main floor and no steps up into the house. I watched my in-law parents trapped in their house when elderly because they couldn’t handle steps.

  2. I’ve seen the tiny house shows..esp. remember the lady laying down on the bed to pull up jeans when dressing because ceiling too low. No thanks, not willingly. My house is not huge but it’s large enough to have closets and spaces for storing quilt ‘stuff’ and places for my books. I’m good on that. The tiny I love best…the smaller yard and not so much to mow. Interesting pictures but for interest.

  3. It is a charming place and yes I would consider renting here. I think there décor is charming and very creative.

  4. Great vacation place, very cute. My house is a bit under 1000 sq feet on the first floor with second bedroom upstairs and unfinished basement. I could go smaller, but agree with you that I would need a basement. Laundry area, too.

    You could always do a detached ‘studio’ for quilting. That’s actually my dream – to have a dedicated crafting place.

  5. I think that I agree with Donna. Too primitive and I want comfort. And I like Karla’s idea of having a detached ‘studio’ for crafts. So I could live in a tiny one story place if I had a separate place for crafting.

  6. I could easily live there, if it were just me. It would be perfect, and the area where there are two beds would make a great quilt room, so I’d have all I need. I love the fact that the materials are recycled. The problem is that I don’t have anyone to do the building for me, and I’m a little past doing it for myself! If it were out in the country somewhere, that would be a big bonus. =)

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