Butter Pecan Bars

When I was at a garage sale I bought a big box of old books for Kalissa.  In there were some old cook books that were falling apart and were so falling apart that they had a rubber band around them to keep them together.  She didn’t want them and was going to throw them away…but at the last second I grabbed them and put them in a pile in the garage.

I was going to throw them out but decided I’d take one to bed and read through.  I ended up seeing a recipe called Butter Pecan Turtles.  I LOVE anything with turtle in the name so decided to try them.  They aren’t a “pretty” bar but they are tasty.

Here’s the three part recipe….there are three parts but still super easy.

I did the crust and then added pecans.  I love pecans and the 1 cup amount didn’t seem like much so I increased the recipe to 1 1/2 cups.

I was suprised that the bottom layer does not get cooked.

The caramel layer is cooked in a sauce pan on the stove….it’s easy though.

After pouring that over the top, it’s time to bake them.

When that gets out of the oven, sprinkle chocolate chips over the top….again, the 1 cup didn’t seem like enough so I put 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips over the top.  I popped them back in the oven for a couple minutes and then pulled them out and smoothed out the chips.

Then I tried, not so patiently, to wait for the bars to cool….

I think they are delicious.  Hubby has terrible teeth and the crust and nuts makes it a little more challenging for him so he wasn’t quite as excited about these as I was.  I loved them.

I might have to see if that old recipe book has any other goodies in it.  Who knows if it will end up in the trash or in my cupboard?  Time will tell.

5 thoughts on “Butter Pecan Bars”

  1. You’re kidding. A cookbook so used it has to be held together with a rubber band is a gold mine of recipes. May not be fancy, but they’re gonna be a bunch that make people happy.

  2. Never throw out cookbooks. There are people who collect them. If there was a family collection, please take it back to the family and explain it is like a family quilt.
    Happy Creating and Reading

  3. Thanks so much for posting this recipe! My hubby loves those turtle candies and he also likes baked goods, so this I’ll surprise him with this.

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