A Playful Life for Me!

I saw a thing on Facebook and this is what it said:

Oh my word…I love the saying!!

The original context of it was in reference to children but heck with that.  I want to live my adult life that way too….and so, I’ve been playing!

My weekends have been jammed packed with stuff I love….junking, my kiddos, Hubby and goofing off.  It’s been fabulous!

Friday night I started plotting out my weekend.  The plan was an auction in Decorah on Saturday….but then Kalissa messaged me about a garage sale in Nashua.  That changed the plans.  There were things there that we thought we could use for selling with the vintage antique stuff.  So I was up and “at ’em” early and in Nashua before 8am.

I ended up bringing a truck load of things home…mostly furniture.  It was garage sale days in Nashua so I ended up stopping at more sales.  I went to eight sales and bought something at 7 of the sales.  That never happens.  Honestly, the truck was stacked to the brim.  I was so frustrated with myself for not taking pictures.  Here is one of the pieces I bought….I’ll show an update about it on Wednesday.

From there I met Hubby at home and he helped me unload.  Then I was off to that auction.

I had high hopes for the auction.  There was suppose to be quilt tops, fabric galore, a rug loom, sewing machines…yep.  I had high hopes.

The auction was PACKED.  Many of the quilts were like the one shown.  They were going cheap…  $35 for this one but I don’t need anymore.

There was fabric galore.  Boxes and boxes.  I ended up not staying.  A friend of mine was there and said it went for $20 to $80 a box.  I know exactly that box that went for $80.  The one with the feed sack prints in it.  There were about 40 quilt tops, all unfinished.

They had this cool old two needled machine there…..

…and a Franklin treadle. See?

It turned fine but was in a need of a good cleaning.  The condition of this machine made mine look mint.

My friend stayed as she was wanting this….The picture is horrible…but it’s a rug loom.

She ended up getting the loom.  She already has one but thought if the price was right she’d get it.

I was at the auction for about 30 minutes and decided I’d rather hit the thrift stores, get groceries and hang out with the girls…and that’s what I did…From there I went to Kalissa’s Vintage Market show…so fun.  Saturday morning I watched Carver while Kalissa, Craig and Hubby went and bought stuff at the sale at the Catholic Church Rectory.

Then Saturday afternoon was another junking trip for Hubby and Kalissa.  They brought home this….

Oh my.  I know it looks like terrible JUNK but they have plans.

More about the girls and Kalissa’s Vintage Market in tonight’s post…and more about that coffee table on Wednesday!!  There are so many great stories to tell and it all happened in one weekend.  Oh and I did find a great vintage quilt top at the thrift store that I picked up thinking one of you might love it.  How about an auction here on the blog on Saturday…I think that might work!!  Oh busy, busy.

4 thoughts on “A Playful Life for Me!”

  1. What a fun time you had, glad you are playing more in life! I’m not sure what is planned for that coffee table but I will wait till Wed and tune back in.

  2. Susan from Kentucky

    Obviously, you already have plans for what to do with the coffee table, because I think that’s a sander sitting below to the left?

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