String Challenge and More

Before you start reading today’s post, we have an auction happening on some quilt items.  Check it out on here.  The auction ends at noon today central time.

Now to today’s post:

I didn’t get any quilting done this week.  It’s been crazy busy and I can’t keep up.  I’ve spent a couple evenings marking stuff to take up to the antique mall booth.  Hubby is in the field and hasn’t been getting home until 9:15pm or so.  I have to put supper on for him and manage the things he usually does.  It’s not a big deal but does cut into my time.  I’ve had Carver late a night and went to Cedar Rapids to watch my grandkids.  I’ve loved it all and don’t regret a bit of it.

I also ended up at an auction….You’ll want to see what I bought.  Check in tomorrow morning for that post.

I did touch a sewing machine….I had to do this…make a backing and iron it.

Ruby can’t resist being in a picture if at all possible.

The quilt top that it’s for is this…..

Sorry…just a sneak peak.  This one is heading over to Carla’s of Longarm Quilting Inspirations.  We’re hoping Carla can work her magic and bring this quilt to life.

One of the reasons I put a rush job on this backing is that Carla is coming to our house today.  We’re getting a picture taken with me, Carla and Kelli with the quilt “On the Bright Side” that was the cover quilt for American Patchwork and Quilting.  The quilt is being honored as it was selected to be in the anniversary quilt show for American Patchwork and Quilting.  Oh my.  What an honor for the three the three of us that our quilt was selected the best of!!!

So how’d I do on my String Quilt Challenge.  Terrible.  Didn’t touch it.  Life is too full right now.

I did see that Bonnie’s new book will be coming out in December of this year.


My challenge was to finish all of the quilts in String Fling before it came out.  Seeing the new cover is some motivation for me!!  I need to get sewing.

5 thoughts on “String Challenge and More”

  1. Congratulations to you and Kelli both! it is a wonderful quilt and it on my to do list (maybe a smaller version). Glad you are doing the things that make your life workable, strings will be there.
    I’m just plain delighted for you on the win

  2. I have been string flinging this Spring!! I got the spring to string and working on 3 a one time and having great fun. Congratulations to you for the quilt. Great info on the Christmas cactus.

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