Auction Day!

Sunday was auction day!!  I hadn’t planned on going as the auction was 50 minutes away from my house.  I didn’t want to spend all the travel time and waiting time.  Kalissa was going to go but had decided not to as she was working the overnights the night before and night after.  When I said I wasn’t going…Kalissa decided not to got too. Then late Saturday night I realized that I only had two pills left of my prescription.  I had to go get meds…so the auction was only 20 minutes beyond Wal-mart so I decided to go to the auction…and Kalissa tagged along.

There were MANY racks of stuff.

As with all auctions…there are steals, deals and “why would anyone pay THAT amount?” items.  I didn’t understand why this ax head they are holding up went for $230.

Steals of the day…the spoon carved dresser on the left.  The person got it for $60!!  It was a beauty.  After reading Bonnie Hunter’s blog post about starting a retreat center and needing to furnish it, I wished I lived closer and could be a buyer for her.  What a steal!!  Next to it the maple dresser dresser went for $50ish and the high backed bed…$25ish.  STEAL!!

This ENTIRE blond bedroom set went for $15…bed and both dressers.  I didn’t want it.  Driving home I thought I should have bought it for Karl and painted it black…too late.

This is the “you paid what?” item..the bid was at $290 and it didn’t hit the $300 mark.  YES, for the wagon below.  One wheel didn’t even turn.

Crocks were a HOT item.  I don’t think it was these but some went for $1200.  I don’t know a thing about crocks….I did buy two thought but they were on the “junk” wagon….just a lowly #2 Red Wing that wasn’t in perfect condition.

I saw this cute little purse.  Oh my.  It went for $65.  Now tell me…would you rather have the AMAZING spoon carved dresser on the purse??  Kalissa bought the wooden box behind it.

I went thinking I might buy this dresser.  I thought it would go for $15 and I could paint it.  I already have one changing table but thought this could be too.  NOPE.  Not meant to me.  It was announced that is was a Mother Hubbarb piece and then someone paid about $70 for it!!

I know NOTHING about baskets.  These went from anywhere from $80 to $100 each!!  Oh my.

Here’s something Kalissa bought.I didn’t know why as in my mind it’s a settee for a parlor.  Her NON-antique eyes thought beautiful bench for by an entry door and break up the set.  The entire set $35.

The picture below has a story to it.  See that gaudy cabinet to the left.  I had seen it in the pictures of the sale before we went.  It was gaudy all right.  They couldn’t get a bid on it.  The price was $25 and on a whim I raised my hand.  Kalissa looked me wondering what the heck I was doing.  I leaned over and said…”Chalk paint it.  Use white.  Use lots of dark wax in all the grooves and designs.  Put it in your front entry on the wall as a statement piece.”  She said “YES”.  The bidding had stopped.  I got the piece and when they asked for a bidding number she held up her number and paid for it.  It’s going to be amazing…and yes, I’ll keep you posted on that project.

Carver is getting this big boy bed…The oak one on the right.  $17.50 was the price.

Here’s the things I bought.  This is a glass pie display case that would be in a restaurant.  I LOVE it.  It’s tough and needs a repair but totally do-able.  I paid $25.  It was a bit of a splurge.  I really liked it though and I’ll likely never find anything like it again.

This is what I am most excited about that I found….It’s a beautiful oak medicine cabinet.  It’s in good shape.  I do need to get a mirror for it and that’s not going to be super cheap….but I don’t care.  This is exactly what I’ve been wanting.  The picture is terrible.  Trust me it’s awesome.  There is a spot below for a towel bar but the bar is missing.  I paid $55 for it.  I had decided it was coming home with me unless it was over $100 so I guess I did okay.  This definitely screams I live in an antique house and that’s okay with me.  Watch for updates on this and it becomes a beloved piece for our home.

I bought this too.  I’m sure you’re wondering what it is.  I was too but had guessed after I read the sale bill.  It’s a display for ax heads that was in a store.  Our son Buck collects axes.  I sent a picture of it to him and asked if he was interested.  He quickly replied yes.  I was told to bid up to $130.  I got it for $80.  He was SUPER excited about it.

I also bought this…yes a Featherweight.  I’m not keeping her.  I plan to resell her.  I plugged her in and tested her enough to know that the motor works.  She stitches fine.  She needs a good cleaning and a oiling and a good polish.  All of these things can happen.  The decals are good.  She has one chip of paint at the top but she’s still totally lovable.

It was a “you poor little machine, you really to be with someone that will love and appreciate you type of buy”.  I’m hoping I can find that person that will love her.

So we stayed until the last thing sold…then loaded up and was on our way.  The inside of the truck…STUFF!!  Kalissa had to hold my pie display on the way home.

The back….STUFFED.  I felt like the Clampets on Beverly Hillbillies.  Kalissa has to go back.  She needs one chair of the settee set yet and she bought a wine refrigerator for $15.  Craig has a bar in the garage…it will actually be holding beer.

See the vintage shopping cart she bought?  It’s so cool.

On the way home we stopped and got gas.  There was a state trooper filling his gas too.  He asked about our load and I chatted with him for a bit.  He said, “It’s so nice you can do this with your daughter”.  He’s EXACTLY right.  We make a dangerous team…

Thank heaven there isn’t another auction for a couple weeks yet.  I have time to take a deep breath and recoup.  Did I express how truly excited I am about my medicine cabinet.  Oh I am!!  TRULY.



17 thoughts on “Auction Day!”

  1. Oh, you get some of the most fun things! Especially since you are willing to redo them. I love to read about and see all the fun things you get.

    I’m staying tuned about the featherweight. I don’t yet have one and I know it’s an ongoing craze.

  2. I love auctions but have not been to one for a long time….. my house is kind of full! But seeing all the fun stuff you got I get inspired to go again this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am letting a friend use one of my Featherweights. Wonder how long it will take her to want one of her own?

  4. Cheryl in Dallas

    Don’t keep us in suspense. What did you pay for the Featherweight???!!!

    That’s a lovely model. The decals are in great shape. Good for you for spotting this future treasure,

  5. What a fun day you two had and I think my favorite piece was the axe holder, how unique. I recall seeing those at the hardware/feed mill I went to with my dad as a kid of a farmer. Love the medicine cabinet and cant wait to see that ugly cabinet done up in chalk paint.

  6. What fun! And you have some awesome finds. Someday I’ll find a lovely featherweight to come home with me. It’s nice to dream.

  7. Wow I need to go to auctions. Those are amazing prices for furniture. And the furniture is so much prettier than what you can find in stores nowadays.

  8. My friend is looking for a featherweight. What year was this one “Born?” If it’s close to her birth year, I would love to surprise her.

    Great auction haul – you have a good eye!

  9. Wow way to much for items. We go to the auctions in AZ weekly more like 3x a week. Got my Hoiser for 100.00 most stuff goes for 2-10 dollars. My husband has the fever. I would also shop for Bonnie got a featherweight, singer 301, another singer for parts that was free, a new home, kenmore 4 machines 55.00 not bad

  10. Oh Jo, I would love to buy your featherweight but to have it serviced and oiled etc. It would cost me the minimum of $110.00 plus what I paid you for it. But just someday I’ll be able to buy one and will cherish it too! I guess that day will come, and I will be able to jump on it when the time is right…..Hopefully soon enough! Until then I’ll be binding my time, until it’s my turn to buy a featherweight. I seen a new cabinet that has come out for a featherweight. It sure is pretty and fits a featherweight just perfect. I had hopes that it would fit my vintage White machine but it didn’t (sad face entered here) so I keep on wishing and wanting. Enjoy all of your fantastic auction sale winnings!

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