A New Way….

This morning I told you that the Barbara Bush quote really touched me….I’ve been thinking more on all of that when when I was cleaning my sewing room I found a stitching thing that said this…

I’ll admit it.   This has been me at times.  It’s hard.  It’s an easy spot to get into.  Hubby and I bought a house late in the game and we need to have it paid off and finished being fixed before we retire….if we retire.

One time when one of my kids was a teen they said, “so I have to get a job to get a car and I have to have the car to get a job and I have to have the job to pay for the things the car needs…”  Yep.  That’s pretty much life.  Even as a teenager my kids could feel the ridiculousness of it all….working to have.  I feel like I’ve been doing the running around in circles a little too much lately.  I’m jumping off the hamster wheel!

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I don’t want anyone to think I’m sad…I’m not.  I love my life but I want more.

The other day Kalissa was talking about a book she was reading.  It’s called “The Gift of Imperfection” by Brene Brown.  She was telling about the book and was telling about a concept that the author was saying that a person’s value doesn’t depend on how much they product.  WOW…that one hit home a bit for me.

I love and enjoy completing things but sometimes, I think it finishing things more seriously than I should.  Often I’m so focused on the goal of completing something than I am to enjoy the process of it…

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…sometimes things happen so quickly that I forget to stop and be part of the story.

I’d rather take Carver for a walk than hurry-hurry to get more done.  I’d rather sit a few minutes more at the supper table with Hubby than hurry to do the dishes, to do this and to then do that.  What fun is there it that?  What meaningfulness is there in “doing the things” and not really deeply enjoying the things?

Between my cancer check up and scare and the time I’ve recently spent on the treadle….

…and cross stitching, I’ve decided to slow down a bit.

As I stitch these little sayings, it’s easy for them to settle my mind into them.  This one says, “Embrace the Journey Life is Good”.  For me, I’ve always thought the “Life is good” part but, I don’t think I work enough to “Embrace the Journey”.

Buck recently sent me this picture of our grand daughter Little Lucy.  Isn’t she a sweetie?She’s laying on one of the Perkimon Daydreams quilts I made with Kelli (Bonnie Hunter pattern).  I’ve not seen her enough.  I need to see her more.

…and I’m going to.  Wednesday is a Lucy and Scottie day.  I’m skipping off from work and making it happen.  I’m bringing Carver along with too.  It’s going to be a grandma day.  I can’t wait.  It will be my first time ever to have all three grand kids at the same time.  BLISS!!  I felt bad leaving my childcare families in the lurch to find alternate care but I decided that I didn’t be a stay at home mom for all of those years and will then now miss out on my grand kids…NO WAY!!  I plan to take off more often too.  Life is to short to miss this little girl!!  I’ve been given so many blessings in life, I want to enjoy them all.

I asked Hubby how I can get get all the gifted quilts finished if I cut back and change my ways a bit….he promptly said, we’ll do more gifting of cash.  I think I’m okay with that.

As I’ve been working on reorganizing my quilting room I’ve found so many things I want to do…or have done in the past that have hit the wayside being I do so much quilting.  My wool.  I miss doing wool projects.  I have some awesome wool and some awesome ideas of what to do with it.

I designed and drew out an entire week of embroidery towels with chickens on them.  I did that five years ago. I’ve never stitched on them.  I found the towels and LOVE them!!

I do think I’m sticking to my idea of little less quilt making in my life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be making quilts but I’m going to be doing some other things too…cross stitch, bag making, baking, painting, decorating, spending time with the family, antiquing with Hubby, thrifting…walking Ruby….and doing things in a slow down appreciative kind of way…some treadling…some hand stitching…some porch sitting.

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  1. You go girl!!!! You need to do all these things and enjoy them as they come. We are right behind you cheering you on! We love your blog because of you and will love seeing all that you are doing, whatever it is!!!

  2. It is so important to have balance in your life and a good lesson for your kids too. I would still love to hear about all those interesting things you plan on doing. I also have wool laying around for rug hooking, a bunch of cross stitch, a tote of punch needle stuff, and the quilting.

  3. Embrace the journey! love that line, we only get one life and you can choose how to spend your time on this planet. I hope you have a wonderful time with sweet Lucy and having that special day with all 3 of your grandkids. We downsized 4 years ago so we can spend our days doing more of what we want, not dusting or repairing our home or mowing the lawn. Less has been be good for your soul.

  4. Jo, I agree with you about spending time with the grandkids! They grow up faster than your own children. Enjoy them as much as you can as often as you can. We call our kids up and ask them if the grandkids can sleepover a night or two on the weekends. We absolutely love it! I’m also trying to lead a more “mindful” life. Sometimes I succeed and many times I have to remind myself of it. It’s always a “work in progress”. Enjoy life!!

  5. FWIW – many recipients of quilts do not appreciate the value. They would be just as happy with $20 instead of a $500 quilt. (figure in your time as well as fabric cost). You love making them, they think of them as blankets.

  6. Jo, I totally get where you are coming from. There are so many things I want to try to make. I want to create. But when the muscles in my arms freaked out I had to slow way down. It was hard. I had just gotten my own “me” room after raising 7 boys. Only one is home now and he helped me make it so perfect. Now I mostly use it for watching my new grandson. Who I love and adore, btw. It was just such an adjustment when I had to stop creating. I am back to cautiously doing stuff. It just takes forever. Having time with my little guy sure helps take the sting out of it, and I think helps me to focus on the really important things, which is family and the people in my life. You are on the right track, I think. Lucy is adorable, and she has the same binky that my Jameson agrees to occasionally use lol.

  7. Our daughter in law isn’t fond of us so she withholds our grandchildren from us. It breaks our heart but we’ve tried everything, with exception to kissing her bottom, to no avail. Take the time to see your grandchildren!!!!

    I am obsessed with checking your blog twice a day but I would understand if you should decide to cut back to once daily updates. I know it must take time to plan your posts so if it stresses you out, cut back!! Do what’s best for you and your family.

    Thank you for the reminder to sit and visit with your husband after dinner. I usually jump up and get busy as soon as I’m finished, and before hubby is done. I will make an effort to relax and enjoy the time we have without distractions. Our rule used to be that we couldn’t sit at the bar, we have to sit at the table without tv during dinner. We’ve gotten away from that but things are going to change. Thanks so much for bringing me back where I need to be.

  8. I agree with you about cutting back on “things”. It can be tough to do but I think it’s worth it. Family is so important. Thanks for reminding us. Good luck!

  9. Smart woman! Slow down and smell the flowers! Now is the time to spend with grand children and make memories for both of you.

  10. Little Lucy has a gorgeous head of hair, doesn’t she?
    Cash wedding gifts are always welcome. There is always something the couple needs that they didn’t get as gifts.
    Do you do a monthly calendar for your daycare families? Pick out your “grandma days” and put them on the calendar. That way your families know what days they need to make other arrangements. Good luck with slowing down and “smelling the roses” a little more.

  11. You are doing the right thing. Take it from a 70 year old…..the years fly by! Do the things you enjoy. I read your blog twice a day, but I often wonder where you find the time. And there are so many satisfying crafts other than quilting, no one would criticize you for enjoying all the other things you want to try. But for sure, FAMILY comes first. Enjoy being with your kids and grandkids. They are so important and so valuable.

  12. Good for you, Jo. We all reach a point where we review what is important to us. Please bring us along on that journey as well. I think most of here love handmade, even if it is not a quilt. For me, it helped to write a list of projects I wanted to work on for the year. Cross stitch, quilting, knitting socks. It is not a to do list, just an “I want to focus on these” list. I signed up for a sock society and every two months get a new pattern in my inbox. I’m learning to knit socks from the top down to increase my proficiency at being able to knit nearly any sock I’d like. They are not all working out perfectly, but my skills are improving and I’m loving the evening knitting. Can’t wait to see what’s brewing at your place!

  13. Thanks for this thoughtful blog. I think we all need to look around and see all the wonderful people and events in our lives. I’m 87, and every day is a new beginning that I appreciate. Go girl!!!

  14. Good for you! I especially like the idea of gifting cash more often. I think we forget that the fabric and other supplies for quilting is expensive, too… Then, you add many, many hours of your time to the quilt. Cash will probably save you money in the long run… Not every occasion requires a quilt. Makers love to make, but if it’s bogging you down, it’s not worth it.

  15. Jill McCaughey

    Well, Jo, this one really struck home for me. We sold a large house, didn’t find a replacement before coming to AZ for the winter, and now I am faced with unpacking all the boxes of “very important things” as we move into our new home. First world problems, I know. I watched a friend die ‘Way too young, and helped clean out and finish many of her projects for her children and grandchildren to have to remember her with. They would have gladly given up everything they owned to still have her here for the memories. Stuff can go, time is too precious to forget what our priorities should be. Thanks for your article, and thanks for your great attitude on life!

  16. If you don’t want to keep gifting quilts remember that other hand made items are well received. My SIL’s favorite wedding gift was a cross-stitched blessing. I didn’t get so lucky! (LOL no one would give me hand crafted gifts because they all thought I could make my own! WHAAAT??

  17. I agree, Jo. Leave that hamster wheel to the hamsters. Life is too short to be in the rat race. Sometimes life DOES get crazy, but I have always embraced and soaked up the moments that matter…time spent with family and loved ones is never time wasted.

  18. Well said and the comments reflect what I think we all feel. I don’t “do” as many things as I once did-I was all in on “Mom & Wife”. Time has flowed on and I’m much more into enjoying the view so to speak.I like my life,not lazy or complacent but calm with my spot in this life. Hope this mini wake up call brings you the peace you are reflecting on.

  19. I have so many thoughts after reading this… Good ideas. Do the things you enjoy. I like your blog for more than just your quilts. Farm life, large family life, your work-around the holiday gatherings with family, family reunions, all things I don’t know anything about are a delight. Now I’ll learn a bit more about other needlework. Fun! Thanks for sharing. Please keep blogging as I love to hear about your adventures.

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