My Wednesday…

I had the day off on Wednesday…it was a planned day.  It had been five years since Hubby’s last colonoscopy so it was time to “go”… (bahahaha!).  He had an early appointment -scheduled to be there by seven.

Hubby did fine with the prep but complained about being hungry….He talked about food all the way to the appointment.  For those of you who haven’t been through this, on the day before the procedure, the patient can only have liquids.  For a guy who loves his food, this was tough on Hubby….worse than the prep I think.

All went okay.  They did find three polyps…so he does this again in three years and we wait for the pathology report which should be in two weeks or so from now.

While he was having the procedure done I was doing errands.  One of the errands was to go here…..the post office.

I have two longarmers that have volunteered to machine quilt some charity quilts.  Bless their hearts!!!  One is Marlene and she has already gotten three tops and we’ll be featuring the quilts soon here on the blog.  It apparently was a good experience as she volunteered to do some more quilts.  We also got a brand new volunteer….Josie.  She’s from Iowa.  There are more tops here so if there’s another longarmer out there who wants to volunteer, send me a note.

I boxed up a box with quilt tops and backing for both of them and Wednesday they went to the post office!  I can’t wait to see the finished quilts!!

I stopped at the thrift store and found a fun little stool…I’ll show more on that another day.

Once back to the hospital to get Hubby I stopped to check my phone and saw this….our son Karl and our grandson Carver.  Uncle Karl was doing some babysitting for Carver as I was gone with Hubby.  They make a great team.

I also got this picture…here they are with their morning drinks….

I love how our kids pitch together to take care of the little ones. Thursday Kalissa went to help Buck and Lora with Lucy as their childcare provider is off.

…but back to Wednesday….Hubby and I went out for breakfast once he was done and then headed home.   Once home I jumped into some cleaning and organizing.  I had ordered some puzzle holders so that left me moving all the toys around.  It is SO much nicer.  I had started to get frustrated with myself.  It had gotten so it was such a chore to pull toys out for the kiddos to play that sometimes I didn’t.  It is going to be so much nicer…and it even looks good…SEE?  Now I can get to what I want.

I LOVE IT!!  It’s so nice to love where you’re working…this will help.  I labeled all of the puzzles and games…ah.  I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.  I’m HAPPY!!  So even on my day off, I didn’t have the day off.  That’s typical of me- but giving up my own time to do this will be worth it in the long run.  I did a lot more sorting in a couple of the other cupboards too.  AHHHHH!

From there it was mail time…and I got a letter from Anne in Winona today.  I was sad to read that she’s not making it to the retreat in August…but so happy for her for the reason why.  She was so kind and sent on a check to us to be used for helping with the charity quilt project.  What a blessing!  There are so many costs to getting the quilts to people in need…it’s all okay, but we appreciate the help.

People don’t realize how much the postage costs are.  Today the two boxes I sent cost $39.  We really appreciate the help that many have given.

So now…I’m writing blog posts….this is my last one.  Next up I’m making supper…Reuben Sandwiches tonight.  I had a wonderful day off…it was a whole lot of little things that all added up to a good day.  It always amazes me how I don’t need a Caribbean Cruise or fancy vacation…just a day here and there so I can play catch up makes me just as happy, although I could use a good sewing weekend….and that’s coming up.

8 thoughts on “My Wednesday…”

  1. Jo,
    It’s often the little things that make a day. I was able to grab about 20 minutes to sew before i had to leave for work this morning. It was a new pattern and now I can hardly wait to get home and sew some more!

  2. I was also sad that Anne can’t come, but totally understand her choices. Glad you enjoyed your day off. The snow is coming down now, but fat, wet, spring flakes that are to accumulate over 5 inches with 9 possible. . .I cut up scraps this morning, but NOW I am going to long arm, need to get some more finishes.

  3. Hi, Jo! Have you tried the flat rate priority mail boxes that the post office provides? The boxes are free and they have several sizes, even large bubble envelopes. I used to use my own boxes to send family gifts, etc. However, once I found these boxes, I discovered they cost much less postage especially when sending them way across the U.S. I’m able to cram quite a bit inside them. Just offering a suggestion in case you didn’t already know about them. Hope I’m not overstepping. I love reading about your charity projects and am so impressed with your charitable efforts. Thanks for your blog!!

  4. This must be a guy thing. My husband’s complaint was being hungry, not the prep. I, on the other hand, was too busy from the prep (if you get my drift) to notice I was hungry.

  5. Love that picture of Karl and Carver having their morning beverages!!! Too cute!!! Carver could pass for Karl’s son!

  6. Jo,

    I lead a Quilts of Valor group here in SW Wisconsin and am always sending quilt tops & backings to volunteer long armers. SO, trying to find ANY COST SAVINGS IS PARAMOUNT! Are you familiar with US Postal Service PRIORITY FLAT RATE MAIL REGIONAL B2 BOXES – SKU RRB B2X? You can order these online at the postal service website and the boxes will be delivered to your home FREE. You need to set up an account with the post office website & then log in. Go to : CLICK & SHIP- charge to a credit card & take to the post office after printing labels. I can get 2 quilt tops + 2 backings (quilts are about 60 x 80 inches) into a single box. Off to the long armer for under $9.00 per box. The savings no doubt is due to doing the “work on the front end with the printing of the shipping labels.” Once labels are printed you have 24 hours to get package to the post office. GOOD LUCK!! As a side note, I love reading your daily blog and I was born and lived for 19 years in Independence, Iowa not far from where you are…..

  7. The box has just arrived!! I hope to finish up the quilt that is on Helen (my long arm) on Sunday and start on these next Thursday!!
    And please listen to the others with the ‘if it fits it ships’ boxes!!

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