Charity Quilt from Cheryl and Jean

Wait until you see this wonderful charity quilt made with my favorite fabrics — Civil War reproductions.  Yes, I change favorites a lot, but the Civil War theme was my first and will always be a favorite of mine.

This quilt top was made by Jean Fisher in Manchester, Iowa.  Jean sent it to me a while ago.  When trying to catch up on the backlog of charity quilt tops, I sent this one to Cheryl in Dallas for her longarm and binding skills.  I didn’t want Jean’s quilt top to wait until I had time to quilt it because that might be a looooooog time.  I also feel really good about House of Hope and ladies trying to start a new life there

Jean sent a nice note with the quilt top.  She wrote:
Jo, this was a UFO that was over a year old for me and was a real challenge for me to finish.  It is not in my color palette and was TOTALLY OUT OF MY BOX for me to attempt.  But I got it done, and now it is needing a new home.  It is for you to decide who shall receive it.  It can be for yourself and your home, or whomever you feel!!  I feel blessed to be able to read your blogs and learn from the things you share, and now I want to pay it forward, so to speak.”

Isn’t that always the case — Jean says she had trouble finishing this quilt because she didn’t care for the colors, and yet the Civil War palette is my favorite.  Yes, I was tempted to keep it!  Finally, I decided to send it to Dallas because I know it will become the favorite possession of a lady at the charity Cheryl helps, the House of Hope.

The top was quilted with a digital pattern called Simply Sunflowers by Deb Geissler.

This quilting pattern is complicated, but with a computer running the show, Cheryl in Dallas doesn’t have to worry about sore shoulders like some of us longarmers.

Doesn’t the detailed quilting pattern look great with the muted colors of the quilt top?

I admire Jean’s work and fabric selection.  She is in a class by herself as far as piecing skills.  Every seam matches, every point is perfect.

And the fabrics are wonderful.  There are very few repeats in this scrappy quilt top.  Jean must have used a bit of every Civil War fabric ever made.

The quilt is queen size.  At the House of Hope, the ladies use their quilts as bedspreads, so this will be plenty big enough to drape over a twin-size bed.  Here it is finished…..LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!!

Jean sent a wide quilt backing in a very subtle tan check.  How nice to have a backing all ready to go when it’s time to start quilting.

And Jean even included a yard of matching fabric for the binding.  My blog readers are so

This pattern is from Quilt magazine, the December 2001/January 2002 issue.

Jean sent the magazine, so I can share the information with you.  The quilt was designed by Paula Barnes.  The magazine version is 64” square, but Jean biggie-sized it to be 95” square.

Cheryl in Dallas wrote that three new residents will move into the House of Hope at the end of February.  This quilt is #1 for the new arrivals.  A box of quilts will soon be on its way to Gainesville, Florida.

Thank you-thank you Jean and Cheryl.  This quilt is AWESOME!!  What a great gift for one of the gals coming into the house.



18 thoughts on “Charity Quilt from Cheryl and Jean”

  1. What a beautiful quilt indeed! I love all those fabrics and the piecing looks amazing. Someone from the House of Hope is going to love this generous gift.

  2. Love that pattern and it is no where to be found. Easy to see it is basically made of 1/2 sq triangles. Could you possibly provided the finished size of the two sizes used in the pattern? I would be very interested in bartering a trade for the magazine if you are interested. Possibly a wide backing?

  3. I recognized this pattern right away, I made a quilt from it and also made mine big enough to fit my queen sized bed. She did a great job with the pattern, I love her choices of fabrics and the quilting just makes it sing. Someone is going to be so lucky to receive this quilt!

  4. The Quilt magazine is Dec.2011/January 2012. I recognized the magazine in the picture. I had put that issue in a special box in my sewing room with the intent of making the cover quilt in the future. Seeing this finished quilt, I will gather from my stash similar colors to make this beauty. Great job sewing, Jean, and also the quilting, Cheryl.

  5. Could you please share with us the pattern? People sell magazines and pages from them on Etsy and Ebay, but I can’t find that one.

  6. the fabrics r referred t as civil war prints. Do mfg bundle fabrics n give them names? what r the best places t get good quality fabrics. Havent sewn n yrs so having t learn new things.

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