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Kelli can be a bit of an enabler.  Actually she can be a BIG enabler.

The other day she was talking about the retreat we held last summer.  She lamented that as much fun as we had teaching and meeting everyone, part of her was a little sad that we never took the class with Bonnie for Midnight Flight.  She’s wanted to make that quilt for a long time and it’s a quilt on my bucket list too.


She said how about we both order fabric for it.  Hmm..what was I suppose to say?  No..ah, you know I couldn’t…but I kind of tried.  Really I did.

Then she said well we could order the fabric I needed for Sante Fe String Star in the same order.  Well that sounded even better.  I was starting to cave.

Then she said…we could order the yellow fabrics for Floribunda.  That’s when I really caved.

So we went to Whittles Fabrics website.  Then I saw the yellow and blue fabric…perfect for my Blue Skies which is also in my UFO pile.

…and the rest, as they say, is history.

We ordered a pile of fabric.  Every piece has an intent and purpose.  I have the background for Sante Fe Star and backing for Blue Skies which are both in my UFO pile then there’s fabric for TWO Midnight Flight quilts and TWO Floribunda quilts.

Well I guess I know what I’ll be sewing in the future.  I’m not counting Midnight Flight or Floribunda into the started quilts pile yet but it looks as though they all have come one step closer.

While I had the joint check book open I should have mentioned wanting to make a spider web quilt… time for sure.

So any guesses on who will get to their quilts first, me or Kelli??

Today we’re hooking up with Patchwork Times.

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I can’t wait to see those quilts Kelli and Jo. I would love to see even a block started for a sneaky peaky on Midnight Flight or Florabunda (pretty please) :) I love all of your quilts and love making Bonnie quilts too. Have a lovely day! Lisa

  2. I think once you have bought fabric for a quilt, that means you have started it. After all, that is step one! Now, if you had been really good and just pulled from your stash for a quilt, then that doesn’t mean you have started the quilt. It just means you were playing with your stash.

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