Charity Quilt for House of Hope

This beautiful quilt was pieced by Sharon Judkins of Hatfield, Arizona.  She sent two quilt tops and this is the first one on the frame.  I sent this quilt top to Cheryl H. in Dallas, who works to provide quilts for House of Hope in Florida, and she did the quilting and binding.  I can’t thank Cheryl enough.  She was truly a God-send to me.  I needed help to get all the charity quilts under control and Cheryl stepped right in to help.

Blowing in the breeze on a mild summer day.

The quilt is beautiful.  The center is a work of art, and the four borders are an ornate frame to show off this wonderful design.


Look at these matching points.  Wow!  Sharon did such precision work on this beauty.


What’s not to like?!  This quilt is 88″ x 88″.  It will make a nice cover for a double bed.


The backing is pieced with four different types of fabric.  Sharon provided the backing and binding fabric.  To enlarge the backing, Cheryl added a center section with scrap fabric.


Even though the quilt top and the backing were made by different quilters, it looks like it was made to match.

Here goes the binding.  Yes, machine stitched binding for both the front and back sides.  It is a great way to go for quilters who have arthritis in their hands.

Little Libe is a quilter wanna be.  She loves fabric!.  After the quilt comes off the longarm and is trimmed, Libe gets to chew on the scraps.  She hasn’t completed any projects yet with her leftover pieces, but she works hard at it.


“Just a few more minutes and I’ll have this one finished.”


Sharon’s beautiful quilt will be in the Federal Express system tomorrow and on its way to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida.  The newest lady to arrive at the House of Hope will be thrilled to get this treasure.

Thank you, Sharon, for donating your quilt top and thanks to Cheryl for her work in getting it all finished.  Cheers to you both for helping a lady who needs a quilty hug!


7 thoughts on “Charity Quilt for House of Hope”

  1. Sorry Jo, I didn’t make that one. And it is Hatfield, Arkansas! I sent you some but all of mine have been quilted and gifted. This one was done (beautifully, I might add) by someone else.

    1. OH NO! It must have gotten mixed up. I’m so sorry. Hopefully one of yours didn’t get miss labeled. UGH.

  2. Love the pattern, love the colors and you did a fantastic job on the quilting Jo. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy getting my email every afternoon from Jo’s Junction. I’m in California and it arrives at about 3:30 and that’s right about the time when I start watching the clock to see how much longer before quitting time. Thanks for curing my afternoon slump and putting a smile on my face. Karen E

  3. This is a beautiful quilt! Jo, I’m wondering about the foot on your sewing machine. Is it made for doing machine binding? It looks like it folds the binding over so nicely.

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