Quilt Book Review: Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects

C&T Publishing is so kind and sends me review copies of some of their quilting publications.  They come as ebook versions and I have loved taking a little time before bed and “paging” through them.  Recently I checked out a copy of  Foolproof Crazy-Quilt Projects by Jennifer Clouston. (photos courtesy of C&T)

I saw the cover of this book..and I saw these slippers and knew I wanted to take a look at this book.Aren’t they so cute??!!

I sure thought they were!

The book is filled with fun projects…10 in all.  I love that the projects have a bit of a modern twist to them.  Typically when I think of think of crazy quilt I think of wool and dark colored projects….not all of them here are!  That’s what makes the book so intriguing.

Here’s the book description, “Embrace the versatility of crazy quilting with quick-to-sew projects! In a follow-up to best-selling Foolproof Crazy Quilting, Jennifer Clouston shares 10 small, useful items from a tablet purse and summer slippers to a tea cozy, each with full-size patterns. Expertly mix cotton, wool, linen, and silk for eclectic fabric pairings that complement each project. Beginning and experienced crazy quilters will love the dictionary of 60 embroidery and beading stitches, foundation piecing primer, plus stitch maps for all seam treatments and embellishments.”

I loved the section that shows all the stitches.  I’ve been a lover of embroidery for a long time.  When I was young I embroidered and even made Kelli a “big girl quilt” that had crazy quilt stitches on it.  I so enjoy simply looking at the stitches and discovering how they are executed.

The book is worth your time if you have any interest at all in crazy quilting.  It was my bedtime reading for several and it was good reading.  Someday…maybe a project.  Right now too many other things like the rug and paper piecing are filling up my hand work time.   If I ever do a project, it will be those slippers…for sure!

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  1. I love the Apple Core bag on the cover. It looks like scraps of wool suiting were used for the patches. I have some wool, and I have some embroidery thread. Might need that book!

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