What I’m Reading: The Fitzgerald Ruse

You might remember I told you about a new mystery series I had started.  It’ the Sam Blackman series.  I loved the first audio book of the series and was excited to start the second The Fitzgerald Ruse: A Sam Blackman Mystery (Sam Blackman Series Book 2).

So would it live up to my expectation…YES!

I love a series.  I love feeling comfortable with the characters.  I love feeling like part of the town and life.  The Sam Blackman series is doing that for me.

This book deals with the same premise.  There is an old mystery that involves history and has a literary connection that needs to be solved.  This time, there is a modern day mystery intertwined in too.  I was a F. Scott Fitzgerald fan so I enjoyed that aspect lots.

Here’s what Amazon had to say, “Former Chief Warrant Officer Sam Blackman lost a leg in Iraq and emerged from the V.A. hospital in Asheville, NC, as a bitter civilian without a job or a future. But when he solved a series of local murders, Sam not only brought the guilty to justice but found meaning for his life. Now he and his partner, Nakayla Robertson, are opening a detective agency. They have high hopes that the thriving mountain region will provide a steady stream of cases. 

Their first client, a quirky elderly woman in a retirement community, makes a strange request. She wants Sam to right a wrong she committed more than 70 years ago. Her victim was F. Scott Fitzgerald. Her crime was stealing a manuscript. Sam’s task seems simple enough: retrieve the woman’s lockbox and deliver the manuscript to Fitzgerald’s heirs. 

But nothing is simple for Sam. The lockbox is sealed with a swastika, a symbol his client insists predates the Nazis and reflects a scene from The Great Gatsby. Then a security guard is killed and the lockbox disappears. Not only has this investigation triggered a murder, but Sam’s final military case has followed him from Iraq and neither he nor anyone close to him is safe. Are the mysteries connected? Or is one a ruse luring him into the cross hairs of his enemies?”

Amazon readers say 4.5 stars…I’ll agree again.

Again, I already have book three on my phone and ready to listen too.  Sadly my library doesn’t have any more books from the series but I did put in a request to get some more added.  Hopefully they will because I think the series is already up to #5.

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  1. That series isn’t available on my online library, in either ebook or audio. May have to order a couple of the titles in “gasp!” paper copy for the local library to see how they go over. Thanks for your book reviews.

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