Scrumptious Baby Quilt

Earlier I showed you a baby quilt I started working on while I was suppose to be packing (the story is here if you missed it)  Last time it was this big….


Well now it’s this big.  It’s much cuter than the picture shows.  For some reason the colors just don’t pop the way they do in real life.


Right now it’s 36″ x 36″.  Technically it’s big enough for a baby quilt but I like to make them bigger.  Now days baby’s don’t use baby quilts like they used to.  Car seats have covers so blankets don’t get thrown over car seats and SIDS prevention says no blankets in the cribs with babies.  That’s why I like to make my baby quilt a minimum of 40″ x 40″ and actually like closer to 48″ x 48″ so they can be used well into toddler and preschool years.

Well I don’t have much more solid fabric left that matches the solids in the quilt so the 4-patch theme has to end.  I was thinking on just going with a border.  Sadly what’s shown below is all I have left from the fabric line and isn’t it bland??

It doesn’t make the quilt pop at all.

Kalissa was home and said to go with a solid red border.  Of course that is all packed away already.   I don’t need this quilt any time soon and it’s okay for me to wait with finishing it.  I just know that I’d prefer not to buy any more fabric.

Then again…maybe I should just finish it at this size.  What do you think??

12 thoughts on “Scrumptious Baby Quilt”

  1. I like the print. I think the red would draw your eyes to the border instead of the over all look of the quilt. If you have enough of print and that is what you decide to use, I would finish it now instead of later. I too tend to make my baby quilts larger so they can be used beyond the baby stage

  2. I would use the print and the red. Maybe a narrow red border, then the paisley, and a red binding. I agree the quilt needs to be bigger. I have been making my baby quilts with the thought that they will probably end up on a toddler bed.

  3. I agree with Angie and Melissa. A solid red border would be too much. Framing the print in red sounds good. And using the print will use it up!

  4. First of all, it’s very cute! And I too have been making mine bigger for those very same reasons. Do you have any of that light smaller print left like you used in those large rectangles? That might look nice in a skinny border and then either the red or paisley in a wider border. Or use a red skinny border framed by the paisley border. It’s hard for me to visualize – i am one who has to audition…. I like the idea of a little more red, tho even if it’s just the binding.

  5. I’m like you I like to make them larger. I’d either buy more fabric for a border or wait until you unpack and finish it with the red fabric you already have.


  6. Your quilt is so bright and cheerful, I just love it, but I would wait until you are unpacked and try other color choices until just the right color “pops” the quilt. I would try other colors instead of the red. The blue fabric for the border just takes away from the quilt, IMHO.

  7. Pack it away for now and then when you are settled unpack it and audition your red fabrics. It may need a skinny solid red border and a paler floral wider outer border but you will find out when you have time to compare fabrics. Don’t rush it now because the quilt is looking very pretty. Good luck with the packing!

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