Bonnie UFO Challenge

Here we are week four of the challenge to finish up a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern before the new mystery begins.  If you missed this and want to join us, here’s a link to the info. (If you missed the challenge, read about it here)

How are you doing on your project??

I am back to the beginning..not quite but kind of.  I got the center of the quilt all sewn together.  I did it like all the on-line pictures I saw only to see that I had LOTS of blocks left over.  I know I wasn’t going to do the king sized version so why all these extra blocks??  That’s when Kelli reminded me that I had intended to make a queen sized version and had sewn lots of extra pieces.  I was wanting until the reveal came and then planned to modify it to make it around 90″ x 90″ or something close to that.


So here I am sorting pieces.  I have plenty of blocks with the four patch in them but I need about 5 more blocks of the other…so I am back at it.

Last week when I showed my picture of my progress someone pointed out that I the four patch blocks turned…I do.  Sad news.  I took that picture on Monday.  Wrote the blog post for Wednesday and started sewing more.  By the time to blog post was live and you could see it, I already had the quilt top all sewn except for these extra blocks.  UGH!!  I asked Hubby what he thought…we both agreed that neither or us cared enough to rip it out.


So in the end, my four patch star blocks are going to turn every which way…oh well.  I’m okay with it.  I am just ready to be done with this project..I am calling it my humbling quilt.

I got a note from Cathy.  She doesn’t have a blog but was willing to share her project here on our blog…  I have to say I think this is one of the prettiest quilts I have seen to date.  I love the colors…


I love the borders too.  Congrats on meeting the challenge Cathy!
So how are you doing??  You have to be doing better than I am!?!?!

See you next week…

10 thoughts on “Bonnie UFO Challenge”

  1. Hi Jo, I have the center of Orca Bay finished and just have borders left to do. I might actually make it but am not holding my breath. Once it is complete then I will begin work on finishing Celtic Solstice. Happy Quilting!!!

  2. I can relate to your sad tale…too many blocks…turned 4-patches…aargh, that’s what happens when I set a project aside and sort of forget about it. I’m almost finished making all the units for the Easy Street Mystery I started ..ahem…two+ years ago. I didn’t have quite enough 4 patches from clue 1 (although I did have bits and pieces of all clues up to 6. Anyway, I needed to make about 40 4 patches and after completing them I realized I had a fabric combination I was using when I started. The new paches don’t follow that pattern so I have no idea how this will work out. My good news is that I should have the top sewn together by the day before Thanksgiving or maybe a little earlier.

  3. I added an additional 1/3 of a block all the way around to kind of finish off that white diamond in the pattern. It made my quilt just a little bit bigger but keeps it symmetrical. Now just borders and basting, but since we’re moving to TX in about a month I don’t think I’ll get much sewing done. Too much packing to be done, plus I’ll be gone 2 weeks out of the 4.

  4. Shirts de boned for mediums darks. Cuttingfest to occur during quiltcam. Sewfest starts Friday! Hoping for quilt top by Sunday.

  5. Christina in Utah

    I took a close look at your quilt top after you mentioned that you had the four patch blocks turned.

    I think you’ve just got one block turned – upper left hand block in photo, so that all the orange aren’t forming a chain (or green).

    It shouldn’t be a huge job to fix that one block —- unless more blocks have gotten turned as you sewed more rows….

    I hope my comment is more of a help than a hindrance…

    it took me a bit to figure out what was wrong so if you don’t fix it no one will notice!!!

    Have an amazing day and thanks for blogging!!!

  6. I think it is just a matter of rotating the block a quarter turn, but it looks great the way it is. Love your blog, so much information. I should be working on my bow tie leader/ender project. It is a charm bow tie and I hope to make it queen size. Also need to finish last years mystery quilt. So much to do and so little time. Need to retire do I can quilt more.

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