The Latest at the New House

Well I thought I’d give you the latest report on the house….When I last left you in the story the wall saw guys were sawing the old foundation from the new.  They completed that.  The excavator came the next day and cleared out most of the foundation.  There are a few pieces that the mini excavator couldn’t handle so those pieces are waiting for the big excavator to come and take care of.



We met with the electrician.  We expressed that the wiring in the old part of the house wasn’t completed.  We were told that he would get a crew back to our house and working on it in the next week or so.  That was good news.  We also discussed a few other things like pricing heat for the basement floor.

The carpenter came by too.  We had a good talk with him and he explained that with the cement crews being behind he’s had to juggle his schedule and wasn’t happy with how things were going with the weather delays either.  Previous to this we had asked him if he wanted to lay the flooring or if he wanted us to get someone else.  He said he would.  This time as we were talking he said he would lay the flooring if we wanted but he said it might help catch up some time if we had someone else lay it.  We’re hoping the flooring guy is still available and have plans to contact him.

As of now…we’re waiting for the cement guys.  In the meantime we are finding plenty to do.  We have more flooring to pull out…and Hubby decided we are going to take the chimney out.  We’re taken a chimney out of a house we previously lived in…what a job!??!  We don’t need the chimney anymore.  Removing it will increase the living area by a small amount…it will increase my closet space but most of all we can tell the floor slightly sags by the chimney.  If we remove it, we can fix the sagging.  Being we’re waiting we might as well tackle the job.  Needless to say I’ll be getting my exercise in carrying bricks.

That’s the latest with the house….

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  1. By taking the chimney out there is one less point of air leak between in and out. I have had a few fireplaces taken out in south Texas, who needs a fireplace when you can have a closet you use ALL the time?

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