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June 2022

Community Quilts from Ray

Good news all, Ray is on the mend and back at it things full force.  Happily, Covid didn’t keep him down for long.  He has sent many quilts and mail hauls to share so today, I’m sharing part of them with you.

Ray writes:
I just finished long arming this beautiful Hydrangea quilt from Patty K. I really love the fabric that came in the kit.

From what I can find out, it uses layer cakes that are cut up and reassembled to make the blocks. Very interesting. Definitely a lot of cutting and piecing.

Included were the matching teal backing and purple binding. Fabrics are from Nancy F. in FL.

Because there was so much activity in the blocks, I went with the stipple motif.

I found a blue thread that blended well on the front and a green thread for the back. Gorgeous, eye-catching quilt. My thanks to you, Nancy, and Patty for the ingredients for this special quilt for Quilts for Kids

I received… Read More »Community Quilts from Ray

Pepperoni Rolls

I remember way back as a kid my mom was watching the Phil Donahue show (oh my that dates me) and Phil was featuring a lady who was promoting a more simple self-sufficient lifestyle.  She had a goat with her and she was talking all about homesteading and country living.

The lady’s name was Carla Emery.  She was touting her book Carla Emery Encyclopedia of Country Living.  My mom ordered the book immediately.  A short time later we had goats and my mom was making soap from goat milk and was making goat milk yogurt.  My mom dived in hook, line, and sinker.

This was pre-internet life and the book was amazing.  If you want to know anything from how to birth a baby at home to butchering a chicken to raising rabbits for meat to recipes for radishes, this book had it all.

I have a copy of the original green cover versions.

The book has gone and had updates added to it including internet resources.  Below is a picture of Emery with one of the other editions.

Emery has since passed away but her book lives on as an essential resource for modern-day homesteaders or people simply longing for a great resource for a more self-sustained lifestyle.  On a side note, the author also includes many interesting entries about her own personal life.  It’s a great read.  The book is still available HERE on Amazon.

One recipe that I got from the book and has lived on my family is this recipe…Read More »Pepperoni Rolls

TEMPTATION…a puppy??

You all know I’ve been tempted to get a puppy.  Can you guess how hard it was for me when someone I knew had beagle puppies??  SUPER HARD!!

You might remember a month or so ago I had thought I would get a rescue beagle but then someone else got the dog.  Then I had a lead on a beagle puppy from a rescue group.  I debated and debated on getting the puppy.  In the end, I didn’t.

I made the decision to put more work and money into Rosie.  It was the right decision.  She is a much happier dog.

She adores the in-ground fencing.  All of us love the inground fencing.  We love it so much that Betsy, Kalissa’s dog, is getting inground fencing on Monday.  YA-HOO!!

Rosie and I started dog obedience classes and she is doing well.  She’s not the star of the class but she’s holding her own and does everything she’s asked.  She doesn’t love the car rides to class but she loves the class.  I plan to continue on to the next level of classes with her.  I’ve been so busy and haven’t done as much follow-up training at home with her but, she’s still going great.

I’ll admit though, that another dog is still on my mind…not front and center like it was…but, on my mind.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that one of Buck’s classmates that lives in the area had beagle puppies.  I didn’t even know that they had beagles.

I ended up inquiring about them.  Ah…  So tempting.

Here they are…all boys.  There was one girl in the litter but she is already spoken for.

Aren’t they so cute??

You can see why…Read More »TEMPTATION…a puppy??

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