Community Quilts from Ray

I have mail call from Ray and I have a finished quilt.  Let’s start with a mail call…

Ray writes:
Kate K. in PA contacted me about sending some quilt tops my way to finish. She says she is a self-taught quilter and loves to make quilts. I am guessing she is rather new at piecing as she is unsure as to whether they are good enough. I think she does a wonderful job and hope you do as well. Take a look.

* I love how she blends in all these pastel colors for this top. The workmanship in the piecing of the crosses in the blocks is very accurate. Of course, I am a sucker for borders. This one has four. It measures 44 x 52.

* The next one has the prettiest yellows and blues. Reminds me of Ukraine colors. I don’t think I have seen a rail fence set up with a diamond in the center of the pinwheel before. Love the special touch. It measures 47 x 67.

*  The next one looks like… …

Book Club: The Last House on the Street

I have been singing the praises of author Diane Chamberlain.  She’s written some awesome books that I’ve been super excited about and have written reviews for here on the blog.   The Last House on the Street is her latest book and it’s our Book Club book for May with discussion to happen today June 1st.

The Last House on the Street is considered historical fiction.  Amazon readers gave it 4.6 stars.

Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

Cross Stitch Finish: Pillow Making Tutorial

Before I get to today’s post, just a reminder that the Red Bird Stitch Along starts today.

A note to those who are new to stitching with silk:
If you’re stitching with silk please note: Silk has 12 strands. If you stitch on 28, 30, or 32 you will still need 2 strands of floss over two stitches if you are stitching on linen. If you are stitching on 36 or 40-count linen, one strand works great. So many of you have been asking for a tutorial on finishing your Blessed Stitch Along piece.

I’ve had another bunch asking about using both Poly-fil and Crushed Walnuts for stuffing pillows.  Today I’m going to tackle both questions at once.

Now to today’s post:

Here is my “Blessed” piece.  It’s a Waxing Moon Design.  I stitched mine on Picture This Plus in 40 count linen.

As I write this, if I provide measurements, PLEASE NOTE:  If you stitched on any other count than 40 count, the measurements won’t work for you.

First off, I always start by auditioning some possible finishing ideas.  This green ribbon matches the green in the vines and leaves perfectly.  I’ll keep this one in mind.

This trim, not bad but a little over powering for this design.

I had this Sair Silk.  I could use this to make a bow.

…or I could gather it up for an edging.  Hmm.

The rick-rack seemed … …

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