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Free Pattern: Stacking Bricks

I got a note in my email this morning after this posted from Tina in N.J. regarding this post.  Tina said that Missouri Star Quilt Company has a video for a pattern similar to this and wondered if we were aware of it.  No we had no idea.  We had not seen the video.  We just wanted to use up some scrap and this design popped into my head….I ended up going and watching the video.  If you read through our instructions and watch their video, you can note that the size of blocks used and the construction of the quilt is entirely different-yet there are similar results.  So watch their video and print our instructions and see which method works best for you.

We have a new free baby quilt pattern for you.  This one is super easy and can be made with one charm pack plus a little extra yardage.  I know lots of you have one charm pack sitting around and waiting for inspiration…maybe our new free pattern is the inspiration you need.  I also know that many of you have a bin full of 2 1/2″ strips, this might be the pattern to help you use a few of them up.


On Monday you’ll have to stop back here and see a project we have that’s being featured for Moda Bake Shop.  That project is made with two jelly rolls of Moda’s Rambling Rose-one of my favorite fabric lines ever!  After we were done with that quilt, we had some leftovers….I designed this simple quilt to use them up.


Don’t be confused…you can make this baby quilt from jelly roll leftovers, a single charm pack or simply scraps that you have lying around.  We made this little cute baby quilt with the jelly roll left overs.  In the end, between the Moda Bake Shop quilt and this baby quilt, there wasn’t a single scrap left over.  I love no waste projects!!

With all of the house remodel, job changes and looming deadlines, I had a bout of insomnia one night.  I ended up getting up in the night and sewing.  I was up for about two hours and sewed the entire top and backing.  It was already cut out which made it go fast.  Once it was all together I went back to bed and slept for a couple hours.

The top is very simple construction just sewing the pieces into strips and then sewing the strips together.  In the back, I just used up every little bitsy sliver of fabric that was left over…making an almost reversible baby quilt.

It’s ends up being 37″ x 41″…don’t you love Betsy’s modeling work??

The bitsy pieces were sewn together in one LONG snake and then cut into 46″ strips.  The strips were then sewn together.  There were a couple whole jelly roll strips that didn’t make it into the original quilt so I sewed them to the edge of bitsy pieces.  Then I had backing left over from the original quilt backing and sewed that to each side….simple but cute…and everything was used.

I used my favorite quilting motif.  This one!

I use it all the time.  It’s my all time favorite.

So are you looking for the pattern to try your hand at making one.  Here’s the link to the free printable pattern to make this baby quilt.

This pattern is very versatile.  It could easily be switched up to make a boy quilt…I can see it done in solids-or with scrappy background pieces.  I can see it done with plaids too.  I am sure I’ll be making this again when I need a quick baby quilt.

Now I have the itch to make this big into a twin sized quilt….keep watching, it just might happen.

Today I am hooking up with Michelle’s Romantic Tangle,  Confessions of a Fabric AddictCrazy Mom Quilts, and Link a Finish Friday.

House Update….

Okay..I’ll admit.  I’ve been a little down in the dumps about the house.  The guys have been fighting the weather yet again.  It was nasty for the carpenter’s.  I sure appreciate that they’ve been hanging in there and trying to work through it.   They’ve had a few delays waiting for trim pieces to come in.  I think everything is finally here and that they’ll be back on Monday to finish up.

They had another project that is taking them away for a day or so and that’s okay as there is not a lot to be done until the electricians get done so the electrical inspection can happen.  Once that is done we should be full speed ahead.  We’ve been waiting for the electricians to come back -as well as the plumbing and heating guys- but the weather had made that unlikely.  We had cold here with record below zero days which makes the workers get called away from jobs like ours and called in to work on furnaces, cattle waterers that are frozen and the like.

Hubby took part of the morning off to work on the house even though the carpenters weren’t there.  There were a few odds and ends things he could do…and did.  He came home telling me he thought I would like to go into town to see the house.  The carpenters had put up the trim piece and he thought it looked awesome.

I had to see for myself.  I figured you all would like to see to so I snapped a picture…I love it!!  Thanks to my sister Judy and Kelli for their work in helping to sand and prep the fancy trim piece.  The work was worth it.



Just for fun I dug back through the pictures of the house.  Here’s how the house looked when we bought it.  We saved that trim piece and I am so glad we did!!


It’s hard to tell it’s even the same house right??

At the back of the house here we’ll eventually have a little deck that comes at the upper floor outside the door that it there.  That room is my quilting room.  The lower door is entry to the kitchen.


The deck and cement for outside the house will have to wait until next year.

All that’s left with siding is the peak you see here and the front of the garage.

There is something you may have missed when you were looking at the pictures though….look again at this picture.


See the van in the right in the photo.  IT’S THE ELECTRICIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so happy…it’s one of the cry happy tears moments…honestly.  I chatted with him-it was the actual owner.  He said he didn’t want us to be waiting so came over to finish enough so the inspector could come.  Right now the inspector is scheduled to come tomorrow or Monday.  I am SO happy….HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, it looks like we’ll be working on house things over the weekend.

Next week will be a sheet rock and insulation fest.  Hubby is hoping to only work partial days here at the farm and work the rest of the time at the house with the carpenters.

Watch for more updates to come!

Throwback Thursday: My New Life-Childcare

Typically on Thursday I pick up an old blog post and reintroduce it to you.  This Thursday I’m doing something a little different.  I am throwing you back to my old life.  Here’s me, cute as can be playing with my childcare kids.

From 2000 until 2008 I was an in home childcare provider.  I have to say, it’s hard work but it was my most fun job ever.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to go back to it.

Don’t worry…I’ll still be here on the blog every day.  Kelli and I will still have quilts in magazines sometimes but we won’t be chasing and chasing deadlines anymore and for that, we are both really happy.  Too many times Kelli and I found ourselves just wishing for a minute that we could sew things simply because we wanted to sew it.  We found ourselves wanting to cross stitch, punch needle or rug hook and just didn’t have the time for it as deadlines were always looming.

Sadly, our hobby of quilting became work.  We had trouble leaving work out of our personal relationship and it wasn’t quite as fun as it used to be.  It wasn’t that much fun for the family either.  Being creative on demand takes the fun out of being creative.  Plus the income is strange and sporadic.  It is definitely a feast or famine way of life.

I am happily going back to a regular pay check with day to day people contact.  I miss that-the regular paychecks…but mostly the people.  As fun as it seems to be able to hang out in jammies all day if you want to, it can loose it’s appeal after awhile.

I debated about getting a job in town but my heart isn’t in that.  I still want to be a stay at home mom and wife.   Here there is a big shortage of child care providers so I’m hoping I can fill a need in our community and provide quality care for the families.

Hubby and I have plans to make the basement into a childcare space keeping the mess of it all away from our living space.  I will likely start out doing care on the main floor and once the basement is finished, I’ll move operations there.  I’ve been drawing things out and testing ideas trying to make the best use of our space.

I’ll have a 24′ x 28′ space but that has the stairs, a tiny 1/2 bath and a closet in it.  I can see the kids having LOTS of fun on the platform on the bottom of the stairs.  It’s screaming dress up clothes and a stage to me!

Under the stairs I am hoping to put a “playing house” area.  I have a doll bed and highchair along with a little cupboard that will work there.  In fact, I kept many of my favorite things from doing childcare the first time.  I always thought I might do it again.

I think we will wall off a little room so that two cribs can fit there so we have a quite place for infants to sleep-I’ve thought about putting a plexi-glass window in so I can see them sleeping.

I’ll be watching sales for a couch, television, desk and file cabinet….little by little we’ll get what we need.

I am super excited about all of the upcoming changes.  I can’t wait to get into the house and can’t wait to get back to a job that I love and I can’t wait to get back to being just a hobby quilter and blogger.  There is something really comforting about it all!!

Bonnie UFO Challenge

If you’re here for the Quiltmaker Blog Hop for the 100 Blocks issue, follow this link.

Here we are week five of the challenge to finish up a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern before the new mystery begins.  If you missed this and want to join us, here’s a link to the info.

How are you doing on your project??  They say slow and steady wins the race.

I am happy with my progress.  Last week I told you I needed extra blocks.  They are all make and sewn on to the center so I have a completed center!!

I looks much better than I thought it would.  I think one of the reasons I didn’t finish it up was that I didn’t think the white part wouldn’t stand out enough but in the end, it’s all okay!!

I’ve been leader and endering the border triangles so hopefully without to much work, I’ll have the top finished by next week.  That’s the goal anyway!!

How are you doing?

Stop back next week and see how we’re all doing.  Time is getting tight so I need to discipline myself a little.