2013 Round Robin

Hey…Have you heard about the Winter Wonderland Round Robin??  There are lots of designers featured and today is the day for Kelli and I to feature our row.  To get the directions, hop over to the Patchwork Posse.  You can find all the details for the project here.

It’s destined to be lots of fun.  Each post will be up by 6am on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.  The intro post will be up on Monday January 21st with the
first row being posted on Monday January 28th.   Last row: July 9th.  Last post with recap and finish ideas: July 15th

Theme:  Winter Wonderland

Size of row:  48” wide

Each row will feature a variety of techniques….we are showcasing piecing and embroidery.

Kelli is the embroider of the family..not me, so sad but true, the embroidery isn’t finished yet.  If you didn’t know, Kelli sliced the end of one of her fingers with the rotary cutter and isn’t quite up to embroidering yet.  I have the blocks done though.  Aren’t they cute??

They are supposed to look like snowflakes.

The center of our row features a beagle playing in the snow….If you don’t know about Kelli and I and our beagles, keep scrolling through the blog and you’ll find entry after about our beloved beagles, Ruby and Puppycat.

You can find the directions for our row here.

4 thoughts on “2013 Round Robin”

  1. Love the blocks. Love the embroidery design. Hope Kelli recovers soon. Hope your personal stuff sorts out to your satisfaction and without too much stress.

  2. Oh what cute snowflake blocks. I am so sorry about Kelli’s fingers. Oh that sounds so bad! I hope she gets better soon. Looking forward to seeing the finish!
    Thanks for sharing. You inspire!
    Have a wonderful week,

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