20 minutes + 20 minutes

In an effort to be an honest blogger and not sugar coat my life:
Yesterday I need to head out for an all day meeting.  My sewing room was a DISASTER!!!  The kids are all coming home this weekend…sometime, somehow, this room had to get cleaned.  I had 20 minutes before it was time to go.  How much can I accomplish in 20 minutes…ready?  GO!

Yes, I admit.  The sewing room really did look that bad.  But in twenty minutes, it looked like this.

Better, but still had a ways to go.

I got home from the meeting late in the afternoon….I worked 20 minutes more and I was happy with the results.

It’s not perfect but I don’t have to trip over anything.  The floor has been swept and the rugs vacuumed.  All the old projects leftovers are put away.  That make me happy and ready to sew again.  Good enough for me!!

I typically don’t let the sewing room get that bad, but I’ve had a couple deadlines that just put organization on the back burner…I’m so happy I got to grab a few minutes tonight to sew and that the sewing room is manageable.  Those 20 minutes + 20 minutes was enough to do the trick.

My daughter Kayla snapped a picture of my “thrifty” outfit as I was running out the door….You’ll have to go over to her blog, KaylaKs Thrifty Ways and read all about it.

10 thoughts on “20 minutes + 20 minutes”

  1. I wish my mess was only confined to one room. Right now I have quilting spread out over four rooms and all three floors of the house. But I have promised myself that as soon as Orca Bay is bound, I will pack up the main floor sewing area.

  2. Isn’t it amazing what can be achieved in short time when needed? And doesn’t it feel good (or is that OCD talking for me?) Anyway, well done that girl.
    Regards from me in the UK

  3. Boy, this is JUST what I needed! I have an unexpected day at home and a sewing room that looks like a giant shook it…. I even have a little clock thingy that’ll ding after 20 minutes! I count your honesty as a gift…. Thanks so much! You’ve done your good deed for the day!

  4. You inspired me to go down to the studio and bale out 5 drawers – recently moved to a new room, and this is one of the last things to finish. Ended up with a bag of old paperwork from 2000 to burn and 4 empty small drawers. Now off to a graduation party. Thanks for always inspiring.

  5. Pat C in Washingon

    Ahem. Your definition of “disaster” is mild compared to what I can create in my sewing room. There are times when I am in the midst of a creative frenzy and I just have to close the door and put up a sign for my cleaning lady: DON’T BOTHER. There will be bins all over the floor with their lids off, and bits of fabric everywhere. It’s even worse if I am preparing for a quilting bee and kitting up quilt kit packets, or preparing for a sewing retreat. I am messy enough for 3 or 4 people.

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