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We were really busy around here last week.  I had extra kids home.  I’m still chasing some deadline projects.  Kalissa is moving.  The lawn needs attention but all that stopped when I saw this on an auction sale list.  Some people might not know what this is…but I did.  It’s the top to a pump organ. (Note–I forgot to take a picture of the one at the auction, but here’s a similar one of the bottome organ and decorative top.)

I have a pump organ.  Here’s the picture of it.  I told you about it in a previous blog post that you can read here.

I have always wished that it was the fancy kind with the decorative top but, alas..mine doesn’t have one.

When I saw it on the auction sale bill-I’ll be honest-I freaked and REALLY wanted it…so off I went to Saturday on a quest to get it.

On the way, I realized that I didn’t measure our pump organ.  Hubby might still be in the house so I called and he measured.  The poles where a top would mount were 39″ apart and the top was 43″ across.  Along the way I stopped and picked up my daughter Kalissa.  Her boyfriend happened to be outside so I asked if he had a tape measure.  He did so I was set to get the pump organ top piece.

We got to the auction.  I went for a bidding number and she went to find the piece.

I ow-ed and ah-ed.  It was amazing.  I really wanted it.  Then I pulled out the tape measure.  Crap.  It was 49″ across.  Crap-crap-crap.

I ended up hanging around the auction until it sold.  The auctioneer didn’t know what it was and whoever the  person that bought it was only paid $75 for it.  UGH!!  I would have bought it in a heart beat had it been the right size.

Oh well…my hunt for the illusive pump organ topper continues.

3 thoughts on “Pump Organ Topper”

  1. We have friends who have a pump organ like the one in the first picture. She plays the organ and I think it belonged to one of her aunts. It is amazing to watch.

  2. Wow! We have an organ that looks very similar ta otur church’s summer retreat. In Sweden!
    I have to bring my IPad there and compare your picture to our organ. My Dad has a couple of old pump organs, one of which was used by his grandmother in her home where she had Sunday school for the kids in their little village of farms. It is not fancy like the one you have but I hope to inherit it one day. Thanks for sharing. Louise in northern Sweden.

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