Moda Bake Shop Top 2013 Projects

Woo-Hoo!!  Have you been over to Moda Bake Shop lately??  (Photo courtesy of Moda)  They compiled a list of their readers favorite projects and our Oink a Doodle Moo quilts made the list.


Check it out!  They are listed there on hexie #7!!  Head on over to Moda Bake Shop.  They have a listing of all the projects along with links to them.  We just love working with Moda…they are helpful, friendly, generous, timely…all things that I love.  Beyond all that…they make wonderful fabric.

Thanks to all you readers who chimed in a checked out out project helping it to make the list.  You readers rock!!

5 thoughts on “Moda Bake Shop Top 2013 Projects

  1. Marie Attew

    Hi Jo,
    I have made all three of these from the bake shop and really enjoyed doing them. I have had a bad year being diagnosed with breast cancer last march I had a lot of time on my hands and came across your blog. I now am off after fracturing my femur the Sunday before Christmas so even more quilting time…. Please keep up the good work I read your blog everyday

  2. Nancy Turner

    Congratulations! You and Kelli have my brain going in all directions on learning how to quilt and what my next project will be!


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