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I would consider myself a fairly crafty person in that I like creating things and always enjoy doing things and making small projects.  One thing that is a bit odd about my crafting though is that I tend to go in streaks.  I always seem to come back to things, but when I figure out something new, I get slightly obsessive about it!



This week’s obsession–Crocheting!

About a month and a half ago, I went to JoAnn’s with Mom and saw that all crocheting and knitting books were on sale.  I picked one up and saw a few things that looked interesting and tried picking out yarn.  I didn’t know–and still don’t–know much about choosing of the right kind of yarn so I guessed and then bought a skein of Red Heart just to practice with.

Ever since then, I’ve been crocheting! I’ve made a couple headbands, flowers, scarves, and just learned how to make a granny square.  I have also learned how to crochet in the round and learned how to make a basket.  I believe I may have figured it out enough to tweak it, add a row of triple crochets towards the top weave a ribbon around and call it a wine bottle gift bag–wedding gifts?  I sure think so.

So far, I have just been experimenting a bit.  Tomorrow I’m hoping to hit up Walmart for some different colors so that everything that I make isn’t just plain old black.  Thought that it might make my Granny Squares actually look like Granny Squares too.  I have looked a bit on Ravelry and Pinterest and have found a few blogs that I like.

Do you have any suggestions? Blogs or websites that you use for patterns?  Great places to buy yarn (even though I’m at least an hour from Hobby Lobby or Joann’s)?

I’m just a work in progress right now, but stay tuned.  I have a feeling that this fad may stick around a bit!

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  1. Hi Kelli! Looks like your doing great with the crocheting. I used to do a lot of it. The Red Heart yarn is a great place to start. Try making some potholders, too; they’re an easy way to try out some new techniques. The granny squares are easy to do, but putting them together can be a challenge, so make sure you find a good pattern for that. Check with your local quilt shops; some of them have yarn shops next door or close by. One of your fellow quilters, Heather Mulder Peterson , does a lot of knitting. Maybe she could give you some ideas on where to buy yarn.

    Good luck!

  2. Have fun! I get most of my yarn at JoAnn’s, but has some, and they are on sale. Consider the size of the yarn (weight) and length to make sure you can use it in your project (plus fiber, if it needs washing). I get lots of info from They have tons of free patterns, stitch lessons, and I absolutely love their yarn. So much softer than what you’re currently using. Make a bag to travel, too. It’s so easy to crochet in the car and during wait times.

  3. don’t forget the dishrags. You can also use strips of fabric and crochet rugs and baskets. Also strips of netting crocheted into balls make great pot and pan scrubbers.

  4. Oooh – fun! I keep wanting to learn to crochet because there are so many cute free patterns online. For patterns, check out Ravelry ( They list everything you could imagine, and you can filter the search results to get what you want.

    If yarn isn’t on sale at Joann’s or Michaels and/or you don’t have a coupon, try Walmart. And have your mom keep an eye open a the thrift shops — after you know what the different brand sell for new. I’ve seen some absolutely crazy prices on second hand yarn.

  5. Hi Kelli
    Here are a few blogs I follow “Le monde de Sucrette” , “Attic 24″, Moogly” “Ravery” Yarns if you can find a Yarn Shop for good quality yarns and advice.
    And I use You Tube to learn different stitches.
    Hope this is helpful.
    Have fun!!!!

  6. I used to crochet because I could do it while watching tv with my DH. Sort of got away from it and need to get back to it. There are some free patterns at knit picks and tutorials too. Of course you tube as lot’s of crochet tutorials (if only they showed left handed folks). Hobby Lobby also sells yarns, but JoAnns will deliver and you can use your coupons. Have fun.

  7. I learned to crochet many years ago, and made lots of afgans. Then I learned to quilt and didn’t pick up a crochet hook for about twelve years! About a year ago, my quilting friends started bringing their crochet projects along on road trips and such. I got the bug again and have been making hats and scarfs. The infinity scarf is popular right now and is a fun, easy project. I find most of my patterns at As far as yarn goes, if you don’t want to spend a ton of money, I like Hobby Lobby or Walmart.

  8. Mary Maxim’s website/catalog is having a clearance sale on some of their yarns. . .like 1.99 a skein. If you are just practicing, that would be an inexpensive way to try some of the different types of yarn. Enjoy! I have some crochet and cross stitch UFOs as well as the mountain of quilt ones! Here’s to finishing some of something in 2014!

  9. Check out the different yarn manufacturer’s web sites. There are usually many patterns to choose from. They are usually the first place I check when I am looking for something specific to make.

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