Labor Day Challenge and Prize Winners

Remember the Labor Day Challenge I sent out encouraging all of you to sew something over the weekend?  Part of the reason I sent out the challenge was to get myself to accomplish something.  Did it happen..well yes and no.

I didn’t get the borders on my Lazy Sunday Mystery quilt over the Labor Day weekend.  But I did get them sewn on Tuesday evening.  I laid the top out to take a picture but Ruby planted herself on top of it.

I know you can’t see them..but yep.  The borders are on.  Next step is to create a backing and head for the quilting machine.  Before that happens, lets find a winner of the book Traditions for Elm Creek Quilts by Jennifer Chiaverini.

It goes to Barb in Michigan.  You’ll have to go over to her blog, Paint Creek Quilt and see the project she’s working on..I love it!

As long as we’re here, let’s pick some more winners.

The ebook Liberty Love from C&T Publishing goes to….

Liberty Love by C Publishing, via Flickr

Auntie Clark who said, “I like e-books. They take up less room. More room for fabric. Thanks for the opportunity to win.”

Next up from C&T Publishing is the ebook Simply Retro.  The winner is…

Heather who said, “What a great idea! Super-size quilt blocks! I’m already dreaming of the baby quilts I can make!!! Fabulous book and review!”

If you are looking for more opportunities to win, check out the $100 gift card from BlogHer and Glidden or the $100 gift care from Poise and BlogHer here.

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