1-Down 1-to go!

Hubby and I finished the first baker’s cabinet.

Remember..it started out like this…


…and is now this!!


I was going to roll it outside and take pictures but it was raining just then.


The possum drawers were all redone by Hubby.  He did an awesome job.  The handles and pulls are all original.


When we bought this I just cringed because the back legs were in such bad shape.  One leg pretty much fell off and the other wasn’t far behind.  He made new ones on the turning lathe.

He added the 2 x 4’s and wheels to the bottom to bring it up to height.

This is the original one we wanted to replicate….I’d say we did pretty darn good.

Baker's Cabinet
This one-we are selling.  We have another in process that I am keeping.  I have the painting done.  We’re just waiting on Hubby to have a rainy day so  he can put the hardware on.

For any chalk painters out there who want to know colors….


Parts of this was originally a blue color.  I put two coats it with Annie Sloan’s Cream Chalk Paint.  I sanded it down a roughed it up quite a bit.  Then soft wax and then dark wax.  The top of the piece was just varnished and the barrel drawers were just stained.

I am actually impressed with our efforts…..We’ll be teaming up to do more projects.

9 thoughts on “1-Down 1-to go!”

  1. I love the cabinet, Jo! You and your hubby do great work. It will be put to good use in the new house. Enjoy!!!

  2. Ooooohhh, Im jealous. That is so cute. Just love it. Cant wait to see the one you are keeping. Your hubby did an awesome job.

  3. Beautiful work on this cabinet! You and hubby could do this for a living when the farm work gets to be too much.

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