“Crumb Along With Me” Crumb Quilt Along #7

Hip Hip Horray…it’s a Crumb Along Day!!  If you are new to the Crumb Along, you can learn more about it here.

Did you manage last week’s log cabins? This week we are going to sew the center blocks together in a 6 x 7 layout.  Then we are going to add the inner border.  Here I am working on mine….


There aren’t a lot a directions for me to tell you.  So here goes…sew the blocks into a 6 x 7 design layout.  Add the inner borders.

I never measure out the inner borders in inches.  I just lay the fabric pieces across the width of the fabric and cut.  Then I sew them in place.  I added a 2.5″ border.  In the original quilt I only added a 2″ border.


You can add any size that you like.

The next part of this week’s assignment is to continue working on the blocks or letters that you are putting around the outside.  You can see here, I am accessing what needs to be added to make the border pieces long enough.


If you made words, you can sew the letters together and treat them as one block.  Then guestimate (yes, part guess and part estimate) how many more block you will need.  You don’t need to sew them together yet.  We’ll do that next week.  Now is a great time to sew up a couple flying geese pieces or a few regular crumb blocks.  Because of the letters all being different sizes, it is sometimes necessary to have pieces that can be cut to fit a specific space….the flying geese and regular crumb blocks work great for this.

If you want letters and need some guidance in making them Tonya’s book, Word Play Quilts: Easy Techniques from the UnRuly Quilter (That Patchwork Place) is great.  If you haven’t checked out Tonya’s blog, Lazy Gal Quilting, you should do that too.  Tonya was recently featured on The Quilt Show.  She has pictures of her quilts and tells about her experience of being on the show…check it out.

If you don’t have the words or blocks done for the outer border, work on them this week.  I have my top completely together and LOVE it.  The alphabet around the outside is really a fun look.  I know a couple people are planning only stars or only hearts around the outer border….make whatever trips your trigger.

I told my kids, the first grand-baby will get this quilt….so far no takers..besides, I want them married first.

I am putting up a linky.  Add your quilt no matter what stage you are at.  I love to check them all out.

Until next week….Keep crumbing….Today I am hooking up with Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday.  There’s lots to look at there.

12 thoughts on ““Crumb Along With Me” Crumb Quilt Along #7”

  1. Loving this crumb process. I have way more crumb blocks than I need and keep finding more that I keep misplacing. Crumbs are such fun. I just added raw edge applique flowers and odd machine embroidery pieces to the center of some and like them loads. Thanks so much Jo for all you do. Bobi

  2. I made pictures of the blocks I have, but still need to sew many more. The hearts and I don’t seem to play together nicely! I’ll try once more. This has been great fun!

  3. I finally got some time to sit down and work on this crumb along. This was so much fun. I only got the flying geese and the stars done but it if Friday Night sew in tommorrow and I am going to work on triangles, hearts, and log cabins. :) Yeah!

  4. Well I have 8 blocks shy of a queen crumb quilt! As I was trying to select from my piles of blocks for a baby quilt, my husband said –why don’t you make a wedding queen to use them up so you won’t have left overs. Duh! Even tho crumbs are never all gone, I decided this will now be a “” crumbie” wedding quilt. I am sewing the body together now. See how my quilting evolves as it goes along. Happy quilting everyone! Bobi UT

  5. Ha! I had to giggle when I came to leave you a comment Jo and read the comment by Bobi!~! Oh, be sure and read my post…..I almost thought I needed to go make more blocks!!!! You’ll get that when you see what I said!!! I am having a great time putting this together!! :o)

  6. I actually have more than enough blocks but am thinking that I want to make mine a little bigger… not sure how big but definitely bigger. It will give me time to think up some words to add.

  7. I need to catch up – nothing’s assembled yet, nor have I made any letters. So today, my goal is to make as many letters as I can. I think I’ll just do the alphabet in red and white, and use just my scraps. After breakfast. Really. I’ll start. Soon.

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