“Crumb Along With Me” Crumb Quilt Along #8

I had a great time reading through all the blogs that participated in last week’s linky party for your crumb quilts.  I just LOVE seeing them all.

Last week’s assignment was to sew the inside blocks together and to add the inner border.  This week, it’s time to add that outer border.  Matching up the words in the space that you need them to be in can be a little tricky.  With a few hints here, you’ll be able to get it done in a snap.

Typically when a quilter sews border onto a quilt, they sew borders on the two sides of a quilt.  Then they sew the border on the top and bottom.  We are not using that method.

For me I started with the border that had the letters L-S.  I sewed it onto the quilt.  Then I started evaluating  the border that was near it, the E-K border.  I sewed the log cabin block to the corner.  Being the block is square, the seam will meet correctly with the first border.  I need to build and add more to the border until it reaches the correct length.  Here I added  a star next to the log cabin block and then connected the letters.  It’s still not long enough.  I need to find something to fill in that small space.


I added a block that had flying geese on the edge, then I laid the whole border piece across the quilt and trimmed it even with the edge.  Then I sewed the border piece on.


Now it’s time to work with the A-D border piece.


I put a star on the end and sewed the letters A-D to it.  Then I added random blocks on.  Once it was long enough, I laid the border on top of the quilt and trimmed at the edge from the random blocks edge.  Then I sewed the piece onto the quilt.

Now it’s time for the last border…the T-Z border.  (I am apologizing right now…the photo didn’t turn out…you’ll have to read the words).    Sew a block onto the edge of the words.  Add blocks until the row is longer than you need it.  Lay the border strip across the quilt.  Trim it.  This time it’s different.  Trim this last border 1/4″ WIDER than then the edge of the inner border. Then add a block onto the end of the strip.  Now you can sew the border to the quilt and it will fit perfectly.


Your quilt top should be finished.


Here’s what mine looks like…(dirty floor and all)  I love it (not the dirty floor, the quilt!).  I am so glad that I hosted the Crumb Along….It made me sew this quilt top…

Well quilt alongs don’t stop there.  We have more to do…we need these tops to get quilted not sitting in a flimsy pile.  I know some of you are making full size tops and not baby quilts.  I know some of you are trying to squeeze the Crumb Along in before Bonnie Hunter’s big mystery quilt.  How about we have two check in dates.

I will put up a linky party and you can check in on November 16th…. if you want or need more time, I’ll add another check in date with a linky party on January 31st.  Hopefully that will give everyone enough time to get their flimsy quilted and bound.  I can’t wait to see all your amazing blocks come together as quilts.  Remember…I have TWO crumb quilts I am working on. I hope to have one finished for each of the dates.

Here’s a Mr. Linky or you.  Please add a link to your crumb quilt progress.  It doesn’t matter how far along you are….we love seeing any progress even if you are back on step one.

Here’s a link to all of the directions if you need to go back and check on something.

11 thoughts on ““Crumb Along With Me” Crumb Quilt Along #8”

  1. Jo – Thanks so much for the quilt-along. I have been sidetracked by business travel and other deadlines, so I have not been able to keep up. I just love this quilt and I will finish it. Everytime I cut something out I think of how the crumbs will go into my quilt. Thanks again. You inspire me!!


  2. I am going to try and get the outer border on today. Thanks for the tip on doing that, I of course, did not plan to do it that way! Hope it goes on smoothly!!!

    This has been a great quilt along, one I have had a lot of fun working on and motivated to finish. You gave clear instructions and it was easy to do. Thank you for that!!

    I am sure I will make another or two of these, they are a lot of fun and very relaxing to work on!!!

  3. Oh! I want to make a whole bunch more blocks! and I found a quote that I want to make to go around the border that hubby and I can sleep under. Not sure if it is doable! I mean it is… but will I do it is the question!

  4. I havent forgotten my crumbs. some are trimmed, the rest stacked and ready for trimming. Last week was very busy. Tues, quilt guild in a town 45 miles away. Wed. sit a sew demos at the state fair, 45 miles away. Thur- Sun, annuall quilt retreat here in SC. had lots of fun, but pooped. hope to get back to crumbs tomorrow. thanks so much for doing this.

  5. Thanks for hosting the “Crumb Along” Jo! I was glad to get an idea out of my head and on the machine because of it. I’ve been switching between projects so Crumbs have taken a back seat this week but once those are out of the way, I am hoping to have some progress posted for the first check-in.

    I think everyone had a lot of fun with this and you’ve opened a lot of people’s eyes to the versatility of Crumbs. Bonnie would be proud!

  6. Thank you Jo for stepping me through a crumb along. I finished my queen crumb- along top today It has maverick stars and 9 patches in the borders with log cabin corners. It is good that I had made extra blocks while I was RVing this year. All my extra blocks combined well with the cute blocks you and others have shown me. Thanks all. Hope to figure how to post a picture soon. Have trouble getting the picture from picasa to the internet- I need a computer helper. LOL Bobi UT

  7. Jo – The quilt is wonderful. Thank you so much for the Crumb Along. The instructions have been great, have learned a lot. I have really enjoyed the process and have become addicted.

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