“Crumb Along With Me” Crumb Quilt Along #6

Hello, Hello….Is anyone still Crumbing Along?  I know some of you are.  If you check out last week’s post you can check the linky and see what everyone has done….I just love seeing all the different blocks.  It’s fun to imagine all the quilts that were made with the from the fabric that made the tiny crumbs we are all sewing with.

Today’s crumb quilt block is the log cabin.  I only made one for this quilt…in the original there were about 6 log cabin blocks.  My favorite spot to put the log cabin blocks are in the corners.  You can see in the photo of the quilt along quilt top what the block looks like when it is positioned in the corner.


You can use log cabin blocks anywhere in the quilt.  My personal preference is the corners.

There is no trick to making the blocks…it’s the same construction as a regular log cabin block.  Start by sewing a red (or accent color) square to a neutral square.


I just finger press the seams, but you can press them.  Then add another neutral along the top.  Finger press.  Add a color along the side.  Finger press.  Add a color along the bottom and finger press.  You will have a block like the one shown.


Following the same procedure as above, add more pieces until you have this.


Again add pieces and you should have this.


Lay your ruler over the top and square up your block.  Most of the strips I used in the block were about 1.25″ wide.  You can use a mis-mash of sizes if you want.  You can use pieces of fabric that are wide on one end and narrow on the other.  You can twist your ruler when squaring up the blocks to make them look more wonky.


Here are my Civil War fabric versions….These are a little more non-traditional.  One of the block wasn’t wide enough so I just added a strip of scraps along the side.  Whatever you like is just fine.


Okay…now I bet you’re wondering how many of these.  Make one or two log cabin blocks.  If you want them in the outer border as corner pieces, make four.

Now you need a total of 42 blocks for the center if you are planning a baby quilt.  Work to make blocks of your choice this week until you have at least 42 total blocks.   If you have more GREAT…you’ll need them for the outer border.  Next week we are going to assemble the center, so you will want the 42 blocks.

I would suggest laying your blocks out on the floor and looking at them all as a group.  Then you can see if you are adding enough of your accent color.  You can see what blocks are your favorite and which you might want to make of.

As with previous weeks, you can add a link you your blog here.  You can link to show whatever step you are on.  You need not be on step #6 to share.  You can add photos to our Flickr Group or on Jo’s Country Junction facebook page.  If all of that confuses you…just sent me a photo and I’ll add them in a blog post.

Happy Crumbing!

12 thoughts on ““Crumb Along With Me” Crumb Quilt Along #6”

  1. Thank you again for the new block. I’m quilting along but bu computer is dead and I’m waiting for a new one so I can write a blog post and publish photos. This borrowed laptop is not coping with such tasks! Anyway, it gives me more time with the sewing machine. I’ll see everyone’s blog later.

  2. Hi Jo, I really enjoy your blog. The crumb-along project is neat.I’ve been following along with it but not working on mine regularly. Trying to finish up something with a deadline first.Great that you have your daughters quilting too! What a neat way to spead time together (well, not neat as in tidy!!lol…but neat as in “fun” “enjoyable””good memories”…the best kind of “neat”!). I am having trouble reading the beginning of your post today because of pop-up ads for Bernina and BlogHer Promotions&Ads (Top 10 Ways to Decorate Your V…..I don’t even know what a “V” is!). I do have pop-ups blocked on my computer, but this is popped up and there is no button to close it…and it is superimposed on the top right corner of your blog, blocking part of your beginning text. Just thought you would want to know. Hope today is good! Keep up the sewing and posting! We love pictures!

  3. Hey Jo, I have been reading your blog for a month or two now. I really enjoy it. I wanted to join in on the crumb along, but upcoming surgery and the birth of a granddaughter (in Ames! – but I live in TN :() made me think better of it.

    My question for you – you seem to accomplish a lot! What are your secrets – I have so many interruptions in my day caring for my elderly parents that I never seem to get any traction in my projects.

    I would love to hear your tips sometime – maybe in a future post?

    I too am loving all the pictures. Keep up the good work!

  4. I posted the link to my post about what I have so far. No log cabins yet, but a good photo of everything I have so far. The photo of your outer border has me wondering if an outer border of 4″ blocks on mine might be a good idea too… Hmmm, need more blocks! I do like that log cabin on the corner, it really rounds off the edge contrast-wise.

  5. I deleted the link to a previous post, and added the link to my post about the 4 log cabins I made today. I’m still making stars for leaders and enders, and have over 60 now. Obviously some of them will go in a different project.

  6. I am still crumbing. Life got in the way last week. Dad in hospital. Everything is ok. I just need to trim a bunch of blocks, count them and take some pictures. Not tomorrow. It is our anniversery, 26 years, Yea!!! May Thursday. I hope. I am enjoying everyone elses work.

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  9. I just jumped into the Crumb-along this week, after finding your blog. What a fun idea! I know I’ll be behind the pack, but you’ve given me the inspiration I needed to deal with some crumbs that have been lying around.

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