What I’m Working On….

It seems I am out of the piecing stage and onto the quilting stage.  Tomorrow I am hoping to get my wedding present quilt on the quilt machine.  It needs to be finished for a wedding on Saturday so I need to keep moving on it.  Here it is…

I needed it to be just a bit bigger so I added the Moda Marble cream borders around the piano key border.  It added about seven inches in each direction to the quilt which was perfect.  I have the back already pieced.  The top and back need to be ironed though.

I don’t have a real project that I am piecing now so in an effort to get my UFO’s in order, I decided to pull out a UFO.  Out came Nine in the Middle.

I haven’t worked on this for over a year…probably longer.  This quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-pupose, Recycle! The Art of “Quilting Green”.  The middle nine patch blocks are done.  I even have about 10 blocks completely finished.  I am not piecing lots on this yet but I pulled it out of storage so it is closer to happening.

Kelli was home of Friday after work and dropped off a couple quilts that need to get quilted….

I haven’t started my Quilt Square Quilt Along blocks for July yet either so there’s something else I need to get working on….I guess a true quilter is never caught up!!

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5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….

  1. Vic in NH

    I love pink.
    I love paisleys.
    I love florals.
    So I adore this quilt!
    The greens and reds give it great color balance, too. Good job, Jo!

  2. Brenna

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who feels like I’ll never get caught up! The fact that I keep adding projects to the pile doesn’t help… :)

  3. Cathy Kieser

    Teresa and Brenna you said it!!! so true…and yes we just keep seeing new ideas and just keep adding to the UFO pile.

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