What I’m Working On…


I’m working on a lot of things…
-finding the house in the mess
-finding the sewing room specifically
-garage sale

What a list!

I did sneak in a little stitching time but not much.  I started this one….

I sat one night for about a half hour….It’s small so it should go quick if I only sit and take the time to do it.

I worked on this one too.  It’s the next Sheep Virtue.  The word for this one is “Patience”.  I started this one when Kramer was still alive.  It was while he was in the hospital that last time.  I finished the outside blue of the border and did the white.

At the time I started I thought the word “Patience” applied to me and I needed to be a little more “patient” with Kramer.  He had gotten a little more needy and at times I needed to remember to be patient.  I didn’t know then that the word “patience” was likely more for me reminding me that I need to be patient with myself.  I know that now…but onto the other things on the list.

A friend of mine was shocked when she heard I was thinking about a garage sale.  I am.  We have been thinking about it since March.

Over the past three months Kramer, Kalissa and I were all talking about having a garage sale.  I started sorting and tagging stuff.  We were gearing up for a HUGE garage sale like we had last fall….

Then something would happen.  Kramer would have a set back.  We’d end up in the hospital so the date would get reset.  Then Kramer would have a set back, we’d end up in the hospital and the date would get reset AGAIN.  It was a continuous problem.  Kramer so wanted to have a garage sale.  I did too.  Kalissa did too.  So to many having a garage sale may seem soon.  To Kalissa and I we feel more like we are carrying out Kramer’s wish.

Even though he was sick, I still went to one auction and we would stop at garage sales or thrift stores on the way to appointments buying things we planned on selling later at the antique booth or at our epic garage sale.

So…Kalissa and I have chatted and chatted.  I have this week off from childcare.  It’s the week to have the sale.  I need space. I can work on it as there are not kids here.  The majority of what is being sold is all things that we had planned to sell.  There are only a few exceptions and I’ve talked to the kids about those things….the lawn equipment.

Right now we have a snowblower that I can’t run.  We have a tiller that I can’t run.  We have a leaf blower and a weed eater that I can’t start.  With my shoulder I can’t pull the string to start them.  As of now, they are useless to me.  They use gas that needs to be mixed.  It’s all stuff that my 53 year old girl brain and body doesn’t want to deal with.

I started thinking about the equipment back when Kramer broke his neck.  I even started talking to him about selling them and getting something that was more user friendly for me.   At the time he understood my concern but thought he would get to a point where he could operate them again…so we did nothing.  Now I feel like he’d be okay with my selling the stuff and getting sometime I can use.

I do not want to be a burden to the kids and having equipment I can operate myself is one way to prevent that.  So…I’m selling the equipment we have.  I’m buying equipment I can use.  I don’t think that’s rash.  I think it’s practical.

..and that’s what I’ll be doing this week in between other stuff.