What I’m Working On…

Our family life has been super busy.  Dealing with cancer makes me very tired….so again, no sewing happened.  Stitching did though!!!

Over the week I finished up on this…

This is a Lizzie Kate design.

It was a quick and easy stitch which is great now.  I end up feeling like I accomplish something!!

I showed you this that I completed last week….

All along since I figured out I can work on two projects or more- and it’s okay to have cross stitch “works in progress”, I’ve always had two projects going at once.  Now…I have none going.

Today is chemo day so I’ll be starting this…

I know what I’m starting as my other project too….This.

You can’t see the pattern the best but it’s for this…

A  blog reader, Jean in NY, sent the pattern to me after I wrote a blog post about the quilt shop that we visited not having the pattern.  I wrote about that HERE.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my mail and there was the pattern.  WOW.  That was perfect.  Thank you so much!!  Maybe if I get going on it now, I can have it finished by 4th of July.  I think I’d keep it out year round but having a goal to have it done by then would be fun.

Can you imagine my continued surprise when I opened another package that had come.  This one was from Roxanne.  In it was all sorts of goodies.

A great flannel sheet….Black striped fabric for the quilt I’ve been collecting for…YAHOO!!

Red fabrics (red is my fave)..a card with a gift of money (that is so appreciated Roxanne)…

and cross stitch goodies.

I was so thrilled…I have a whole new cross stitch project came in the mail when I least expected it and I didn’t even order it!  So fun!!

I messaged Kelli and she was laughing about the serendipitous moment that both packages came on the same day.

That night I went through my threads and needed just a couple more to complete the project.  I ended up ordering them.  How perfect!  I have a new project to stitch!!  I can’t wait for the threads to come.  In the meantime I’ll be stitching on my next “sheep virtue Faith”.  This is also one that is near and dear to me.

No sewing at a sewing machine…but I’m still content and VERY happy I have something to do with my hands!!