What I’m Working On….

Hello…I’m Jo and I used to sew ALL the time.  Lately, now so much.  Well really not at all.

Life has gotten in the way of all of the quilts that I had planned.  I hadn’t touched a sewing machine for TWO whole weeks until yesterday.  Previous to this, I was sure that something terrible would happen to me if I didn’t sew.  Admittedly, I used sewing for therapy to deal with the day to day.  I never imagined I’d be able to be away from it.  But I have been and I’m really okay.

Over the weekend Kayla was here and Kayla told me that Kramer had a talk with her when she took him to town to do errands.  He was worried that I hadn’t been up to the sewing machine to sew.  He was sure I needed to get there.  More than that, I need to get caught up so I feel comfortable to sew again.

Monday we came home from the hospital.  Carver was here when we got here and we had him through Thursday evening when Kalissa and Gannon came home from the hospital.

Kayla came on Thursday night and stayed through Sunday.  Buck came on Saturday and left Sunday afternoon.  We also had company on Sunday afternoon.

Through that I made supper every night and hosted company here on two occasions.  I’ve had a wonderful time.  It’s been great for Kramer.  I looked at him Sunday afternoon after our company left and said, “Honey, can you believe it’s just us?”  It’s been the first time in two weeks that we’ve been in our home by ourselves.

So what did I do….mosied around the house doing little things.  I still hadn’t unpacked my suitcase from when we got home.  I folded laundry.  I did all the little things that needed to get done.  With that, I’m hoping that I get to sew tonight.  I’ll feel so much better about sewing if I feel like my life is caught up.

Lots of people have worried about me thinking I’m not taking care of myself but I really have been.  I moved my alarm clock back last week to go off at 6:30am vs the 5:30am I was getting up at before.  I’ve been better at getting to bed too….so yes…I am doing the best I can right now to take care of myself.

So what am I going to work on tonight…. a baby quilt for Baby Hanken (Kelli’s little one)  I’ve got a start if it’s a boy…..

If it’s a girl I have fabric pulled.  See??

For now, I’m going to keep going on the boy version.

I can make one of these quilt over two weeks if I have a couple long Saturdays to work on them.  If it’s a girl, the baby is just going to get the quilt a little later.  That’s okay.

Now that Kalissa’s baby Gannon is here, I’m getting anxious for Kelli’s baby.  She had an over night of contractions thinking she might end up having the baby but no go.  She’s not due until the 21st of March so we have a little ways to wait.  Anytime now for the most part…How fun it will be to have TWO new grandbabies.