What I’m Working On…..

Things have been “not our normal” so time that I previously spent sewing, I’m now writing blog posts, going to doctor appointments, cleaning house or doing taxes.

I did some binding…

I did some pinning….

I did some piecing.  Over the last couple weeks when I didn’t have anything else to piece I’ve been working on the Geese on a String quilts.  This is in Bonnie Hunter’s newest book String Frenzy.

Mine is going to be colored differently as I made my geese blocks long ago before I knew what the pattern was going to look like.

I have all of the geese blocks sewn together into strips.  See?

Now I am working on the 4-patch rows.

I unfortunately sewed a few on the wrong way and needed to pick up my seam ripper.  I finally learned that the top point of the triangle needs to touch the purple square.

If you look at the picture below, you can get an idea of what the 4 patch columns will look like.

I have to give a huge shout out to my Gypsy Quilter Cutting Gizmo.  I love the thing.  I use it all the time when cutting apart the pieces that I’ve chain sewn together.  I love it.  I’m not a gadget girl but this one I really wouldn’t want to live without.
I always get asked how I get so much done, I think organization of my pieces is HIGH on the list.  Note all the pieces in the pile are oriented in the same direction.  I don’t have to twist and turn the pieces.  I don’t have to check and recheck how the next piece is going to be attached.
Once I got a system down it’s unlikely that I’ll be needing that seam ripper again.

I have yet to really sit down and work on these quilts….they are just kind of happening in between other things.  If I have only 15 minutes or am between projects, I sit down to the machine where this project is set up and sew for a bit.  I am always surprised when I look up a the clock, see that only 15 minutes have passed and I already have so much done.

Over the weekend I regrouped and will start in on more crumb blocks for the Hanken baby’s quilt once we are home from the next set of doctor appointments.  I sure do love making them.  They are especially good for me lately….I love thinking about the arrival of the new babies.  I think I’m ready for a rocking chair and a tiny new baby…or two.  Being Grandma is the best.