What I’m Working On….

Last week I finished a baby quilt.  You can find that post here if you missed it.  That one was made for the next baby girl and wasn’t for anyone specific.  Hubby has a great nephew who is expecting.  They aren’t finding out if it’s a boy or girl.  If it’s a girl, the quilt will go there.  If it’s a boy, I need a quilt.

That’s when I remembered that I had the blocks left over from the quilt I made for the fireman benefit.  There were enough to make the exact same quilt.  Here’s a reminder of what that looked like.


The idea for the quilt started with a video from Missouri Star and ended a little differently.

I liked the quilt and thought I could easily take the remaining blocks and make another quilt.   Friday night after supper I sewed them together.  Then started the debated.  I don’t have any more fabric of the red that I used for the inner border.

I really don’t want to buy anything and want to find something in my stash to complete this project.  I am auditioning a few options.


Here’s a closer up picture….boy-fireman-quilt-2

The upper right one is really a small checkerboard print with dark and light squares.  I’m leaning towards the solid to the left.

Then I need to make a decision on the backing.  There is enough of each of these….


I think I like the black and white best but if you look close it has a tiny flower in it which isn’t real masculine.  That leaves me thinking the blue might be better.  I don’t think either is “bad”…I just would like to make the best choice.

So readers…any advice fore me?  What do you think for inner border?  What do you think for backing?

Can you believe I need two more baby quilts after this one.  Those I know what each is having and both of them I have a specific quilt in mind for.  All I know is on I’m a roll with baby quilts in my future!!