What I’m Working On…

It looks like I did a lot but a couple of these things have been on going projects.

This first project I’m showing you is my beginning design process for a quilt for Hubby’s great niece for her wedding.  I started out with this and a phone call to Kelli….


After talking it over with Kelli I was happy with the idea so I worked on it some more……


For most of you this is a bunch of gibberish.  For me, it’s the pattern written out in short hand.

I put a quilt on the frame.  This one….  Check it out…This one has been in my to-do pile.  It’s for Neighbor Girl.   I’ll tell you more about the quilt once I have it finished.  I’m hoping to have it bound and finished by Friday but we’ll see.


I had my shirts out and had cut the Ohio Star blocks that I needed for Rectangle Wrangle.  While the whole shirt mess was out I decided to cut out a couple quilts that are on my radar.  Here is Holy Toledo.  This one is all cut out.  This happened over a month (or so) with simple cutting over nap time.  This quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s Scraps and Shirttails II book.  This will be awesome to have cut out as it will be an easy project to grab and go.  Perfect if I need a gift.

While I was cutting out Holy Toledo I also cut out this….This is Show Off.  This pattern is free from Becky at Quilted Twins.  (Find this and other free patterns here-find awesome fabric buys too!)


I’m doing a debate on whether I want to cut out another shirt quilt while I still have it all out.    I’ll admit, I did start cutting strips for Bonnie Hunter’s Moth in the Window too….

The good thing about all of this extra cutting of shirts, I’m getting LOTS and LOTS more strings which is exactly what I need for Virginia Bound.  I’m starting to think Virginia Bound should move to the front burner and be full speed ahead…but alas, I have a that wedding quilt I need to get going on.  Luckily it will be a quick quilt….at least that’s the hope.