What I’m Working On…

Well it’s time to get back to the mystery.  I had planned this for a wedding quilt for Hubby’s great nephew but I got very tripped up along the way.

I sewed along…I thought I was doing okay until about Christmas when I realized that I mixed colors….UGH.  The parts where I put light purple I had planned to be pink.  UGH.  Then my sashing stars were suppose to be red.  It would have all been okay if I had not screwed up.  At that point, I was just frustrated and threw it aside.  Then I picked it up and knew I had to make a few decisions.  Was I going to remake the pieces?  Did I really think that the extra time would be worth it?

As that point, the answer was no.  So how do I salvage this?

For me, I decided no sashing.  I’d put the blocks together as is.


Then I went through the pieces that I had left trying to decide what to do…..I put the neutral blocks around the outside.  As is it’s now about 68″ x 68″…and I’m stuck.  I had intended on making something bigger…but this is big enough.  Hubby suggested a purple outer border and bind in purple.  I’m leaning towards finishing it as is and binding it in purple.

What do you think?

As soon as I know what to do, I am going to keep on with this.  It’s already a late gift.  I don’t want it to be a lot later.  Suggestions??

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