What I’m Working On….

Well the sewing room didn’t really get cleaned like it needed to.  I had good intentions and in my defense I did pick up a few things.  Between not feeling well and getting sucked in by my Talkin’ Turkey quilt it didn’t happen…but this did.


Can’t tell what it is?

If you guessed Bonnie Hunter’s pattern Garlic Knots, you’d be right.

What you probably never would have guessed is that I am doing the entire thing in batiks!!  Can you believe it?  I know, I know….that’s very new for me.  I never sew with batiks.  I figured it was time.  One of the reasons I had put it off is that scrappy is still my favorite and I didn’t think I had enough different fabrics.  I was wrong.  I do.  I have plenty for this quilt…and likely another one or two.

I’m kind of excited to be venturing out and trying something different.

The babies at childcare have gotten much better at sleeping over nap time when the older kids are sleeping.  Three times last week I had a break with no kids awake!!  Yahoo.  That left me time to start sorting through my batik box and see if there were more scraps to go with the ones I got from the lady that lives in my town that gave me a fabric a bit ago.  You might remember I had planned on making Boxed Kites with her scraps….well I changed my mind.  I took her scraps and found quite a few batiks in there and that’s what started my batik adventure.  It was just the push I needed.  Others had given me scraps too including Helen and Carolyn…as well as others.

I likely won’t be sewing on this right away.  I need to decide what to do for the background.  I’m debating on scrappy white/creams or all the same.  Whatever I do, I have to get to town and buy the fabric.  At this point, all the batik fabrics that I have are colored.

I also have to reconfigure the yardage I need because, of course, I can’t do anything easy.  I’m making it bigger.  Imagine that?!

I have an idea hatching on two other quilts to cut out too….I guess I’m jumping into this batik adventure with two feet!