What I’m Reading: The Orchardist

I finished an audio book last week.  It was The Orchardist: A Novel (P.S.) by Amanda Coplin.

It’s a book I have been listening to while I have been quilting the last four or more quilts on the quilting machine.

Did I love the book…No.  Did I like the book…I really can’t say I did.  It was just a book.  I kept waiting and waiting for the twist or turn in the plot but it never really happened.  I guess as I look back on the book, I don’t even know that there was a plot.  I think maybe I have read too many mystery books.  They seem to be telling the story and then all at once everything comes together with one or two sentences and suddenly it makes sense that there was a slow part to the book.  That didn’t happen with this book.  There was no “ending”.  It just ended.

About half way into the book, I thought….maybe I should just quit.  They I thought…no something will happen.  It never did.

Rather than a book with a story, this was more like a slice of someone’s life.

I don’t recommend it….If I were reading it, I would have never stuck with the book.  I looked at Amazon to see what others were saying about it…the book actually has four stars…I guess I missed something.

Has anyone else read it?  What did you think?

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