Vintage Things….

I am not a decorator. I think I would do it more if we owned our own home and I had more control of what gets repaired….for instance, this is my sewing room wall…


When we first moved to this house 15 years ago, the walls in this room were covered with very dated mismatched wall paper….three layers of it.  I decided to strip the wall paper off, thinking that what is underneath the wall paper has got to be better.    The walls were in terrible shape so I patched and repaired the cracks the best I could and then painted the walls a marbled yellow using two different colors of yellow.  That was okay and we had the walls that way for several years.  Then painting walls dark colors became popular and I thought this room would be a perfect candidate, thinking the dark color would make the cracks and patches disappear….wrong.  It doesn’t.  The cracks and patches are still very visible.

Knowing I can’t disguise the walls poor state, sometimes puts me in a decorating funk.  I figure why decorate and draw attention to the walls.


Then I go thrifting and find a goodie and I decide to get out of my funk and give decorating a try…Being our house has very little storage, I try to decorate in a practical way so that the decor is functional too.  The huge jar on the left holds my binding strips.  The jars to the right hold buttons.  The box to the right holds my safety pins and other sewing notions.

My latest find was the black dress form.


It was a thrift find for 25 cents.  It technically isn’t vintage…but it looks kind of cute with my other vintage jars and cheese boxes.  When I do decorate, vintage/antique is my favorite.

Today I am hooking up with The Colorado Lady and her Vintage Thingy Thursday.