Update on Hubby…

If you missed the story on Hubby getting a nail embedded into his chin, check out this blog post.  This is an update to that post.

Well today he was back to the doctor.  We thought it was going to be a consult with the doctor who could remove the nail.  We anticipated surgery to happen on Friday.  I thought I might as well stay home and care for the childcare kids and half planned on taking the the next day off and taking him to surgery.


It was kind of crazy…Kalissa was working in the ER at the hospital that is connected to the clinic where Hubby was seeing the doctor.  She talked to her boss and asked if she could take her break when Hubby had his appointment.  That was okay so Kalissa went down and was able to get a picture of the x-ray.  UGH.  Yuck.

Well Hubby lucked out.  After getting another set of x-rays, the doctor didn’t think it was in an area where nerve damage was a complication or embedded in his jaw so he decided to do the procedure in office.

Well now I was feeling bad that I wasn’t there and Kalissa had to back to work so Kelli stepped in and was there.  She had worked the overnight shift the night before so she went and hung out with Hubby until it was over.

So want to see what they pulled out?  Here it is….


Who knew this could happen?!

He is home now.  He has to pack the wound 3 times a day for the next five days.  I’m secretly hoping Kalissa will be around or he can do it on his own…I don’t have a nurse bone in my body for those kind of things but if need be, I guess I’ll have to rise to the occasion.

So that’s where we’re at with Hubby.  Hopefully no more drama for a bit….Thanks for all your comments, prayers and words of encouragement.  This turned out MUCH better than we were originally lead to believe.