UFO Update

Last week I made the decision to leave my Virginia Bound quilt alone for some thinking time.  I didn’t come up with a final plan with it so decided to move on to a new UFO.  The quilt that is closest to being a top in my Fair and Square quilt so I grabbed it and started in.

I am pretty far along with this one.  I have all the blocks and borders done except the string blocks.


I am pretty excited to we working on this.  Kelli made this quilt a couple years ago and I loved it.

So starts the mess string blocks make…but it’s oh so worth it.


Here’s how far I got….Fair-and-Square-3

I have 20 triangles finished but there’s 144 to make.  I am making mine a size bigger adding a column.

I’m pretty content working on my strings.  In the meantime I have that Virginia Bound quilt hanging over a chair-I am looking it as I sew blocks….trying to decide if I want to make a commitment to applique and big stitching it….right now, I’m leaning towards no…I’m not ambitious enough but we’ll see.  I might give in and do it yet.

Stop back next week to see if I went back to Virginia Bound or if I stuck with Fair and Square.