UFO Progress

Virginia Bound from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails I is on my front burner.  I’m having trouble concentrating on anything else.  I’m actually having to discipline myself to do other things…like the wedding quilt I got finished…and the charity quilts I want to finish.  Oh my.

My blocks are in several stages.  We took a car trip so I needed something to do as we traveled so …pulling the backing paper off happened.


Here’s my view…one nice stack of completed blocks and the open road.


Once home  I sneaked up to the sewing room and finished a bunch…these need to get trimmed but I am making myself wait until nap time one day this week.


I scrambled and got the rest of the blocks this far along….the centers are done and the first neutral string piece is sewn down…again, I am making myself wait and will trim these over nap time too.


If you have questions on the process of how I am making these blocks, check out this post.

I think that’s all the blocks I need for the quilt.  I am so happy to say that as now I can clean up part of the mess in the sewing room.  Working with strings is a messy business…but oh so worth it.  I’m loving seeing this one come along.  It’s long over due that this one get finished.

I kind of have made a bit of a goal for this to be finished so I can take it to our retreat for show and tell.  We’ll see.  I have other projects that need to get accomplished too…oh the life of a busy quilter!!

Catch me here next week. My goal…have the blocks all finished! YAHOO…I’d be so happy.

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