UFO Progress


I have some progress to share.  I’ve moved on to my Rectangle Wrangle quilt. Last week I hurried and got one star block finished.


Here’s how far I am this week….rectangle-wrangle-1

All the little Ohio Star blocks that make up the outer border are sewn.  Being the inside is already sewn, my hope is to get these little guys pressed, sewn and attached.  I can’t wait!  I have loved this quilt and can’t wait to see it get finished.  YAHOO!

I am anticipating the next UFOs on my list and cut some papers for the string blocks for Fair and Square.  I don’t know if that’s my next quilt but I do know that quilt is moving up the list.

You can find me right back here next week. I am hoping to have Rectangle Wrangle finished…what’s you goal?


  1. How big are these blocks and is the fabric men’s shirts? It would take me a long time, as would have to make sure the plaid lines all matched up. It will be an awesome quilt when done!

  2. Karen says:

    I am not working on borders right now but working on Bonnie’s Tumalo Trails – I can see I am not the only one the needs to square up blocks when working with small pieces :)

  3. Cindy F says:

    I finally pulled out all my shirts and wrote out the requirements for 3 of Bonnie’s quilts to see what I need. Next month I am taking 2 of her classes, Tumalo Trail and Moth in the Window. I also have loved Rectangle Wrangle for a while. So while I am cutting out the kits for what I need for the classes I will also be getting the strips ready for Rectangle Wrangle. There will be a lot of ironing and cutting the next few days!!

  4. Kim LeMere says:

    Jo you are making such great progress on your UFO list, mine is stalled and I fear it will be the same list for next year…..where does my time go?

  5. Connie says:

    When the plaids or the stripes don’t match up, it makes the blocks so cute and adds the interest to your quilt. ( I confess that my UFO list has come to a stand still also )


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